Mazzer ZM Plus Burr Grinder - White

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Mazzer ZM Plus Burr Grinder - White

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    Experience precision with the ZM Plus, a flexible grinder designed for specialty coffee. With digital grind adjustment, TRUE ZERO calibration, and 20 savable grind settings, it's a barista's dream.
    The patented lockable canister and double fan cooling system ensure a clean and cool operation. Grind for espresso or filter coffee with ease and accuracy. A perfect fit for any specialty café.



    The ZM Plus is a state-of-the-art grinder designed for the discerning coffee enthusiast. It features a minimum retention system that allows for single doses, ensuring that each grind is fresh and precise. The digital grind adjustment system controls the distance between the burrs in microns, making the grind setting understandable, accurate, and repeatable.

    The grinder offers on-demand dosing capability with adjustable grinding time and a patented lockable canister to keep coffee grounds off the counter. The digital display flips to the side for easy access to the grinding chamber, facilitating cleaning and burr replacement. The flat burrs are specifically designed and tested for both filter coffee and espresso.

    NO OVERHEATING: The double fan cooling system with electronic controls and low RPM (900 – 1050Hz) ensures excellent grinding speed without overheating.

    TRUE ZERO CALIBRATION: Electronic calibration ensures identical grind settings across different grinders and locations.

    DIGITAL CONTROL: Precise control over burr distance for repeatable and accurate grinding.

    SAVE YOUR RECIPES: Record up to 20 grind settings with customized names for each setting.

    EASY CLEANING: Convenient access to the grinding chamber for hassle-free maintenance.

    The ZM Plus fits perfectly into the workflow of a specialty café, with 20 pre-programmable grind settings and four pre-programmable buttons for popular recipes or dosing times. The modular system allows the barista to choose between the portafilter holder, bag holder, or quick-connect canister before each grind. The adjustable portafilter holder fits any basket, and there are options for different burrs during setup.


    Product feature

    Digital Control: The digital grind adjustment controls the distance between the burrs in microns, ensuring an understandable, accurate, and repeatable grind setting.

    Product feature

    True Zero Calibration: Electronic TRUE ZERO calibration guarantees identical ZM grind settings from grinder to grinder, café to café.

    Product feature

    Versatile Grinding: With options for espresso, filter, or hybrid burrs, the ZM Plus offers flexibility for any coffee preparation

    Product feature

    Easy Cleaning: The digital display flips to the side, allowing easy access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and burr replacement.

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    39 kg (85 lbs)
    64.5 cm
    24.5 cm
    43 cm

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    Totally impressed by the teams

    Totally impressed by the teams knowledge and professionalism. The grinder is extremely accurate and so far the best I have tried.

    Reviewed on 3/19/2024 by Vincent s.

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