Trade in your used espresso equipment and get credit towards an upgrade. We'll take virtually any espresso machine, working or not working.

Questions and Answers about the Trade In Program

1) How much trade in value will I get?

This depends on the item, its age and functionality. Many of the items we get cannot be sold so they are simply recycled or given to charity.

2) What Can I Trade In?

We will accept virtually any espresso machine as a trade in, whether it is working or not. We also accept many burr grinders.

3) What do I need to include with my trade in?

We require all original non-consumable accessories that came with the machine. If there were cleaning supplies, we understand that those have likely already been used

4) Can I send my item in if I am not local to you?

Yes, you can. We will even pay for the shipping (this will be deducted from your trade in value).

5) What happens to the items I trade in?

Anyone of a number of things can happen, but this is the most common:

  • The item is resold as a used item through or other channels
  • The Item is disassembled for parts
  • The Item is given to charity
  • The item is safety recycled.

6) How do I get started?

Please reach out by phone or email to our sales team. Please also note that we do require photos of the machine (including one of the serial number) and the age of the machine sent to our sales email before we are able to provide a trade value.

50/365 program

Another program we have in place is our 50/365 program. If you purchased your machine from us we guarantee a trade in value of 50% of the original purchase price for one full year.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The machine must be in good condition; at least 8/10 condition.
  2. The machine must include all packaging, instructions and accessories (deductions will be made if these are not provided).
  3. The machine must be well maintained (descaled and cleaned often).
  4. The trade in value is given towards the purchase of another product.