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Urnex Full Circle Grinder Cleaner

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Urnex Full Circle Grinder Cleaner
Founded as Royal Urn Bag Company in Manhattan in 1936, Urnex started creating powerful bagged cleaning products for coffee urns. Their motto "No More Bitter Coffee" prevailed and they eventually developed specialty cleaning products to prolong the life of your coffee equipments.


  • Most effective way to remove old coffee oils and particles from grinder
  • Quick and easy to use: cleans burrs and casings without machine disassembly
  • Every ingredient is natural, renewable, and completely food safe
  • U.S. and International patents granted
  • 215 grams per jar


  • Every ingredient is edible and either used to bake bread, prepare your favorite breakfast cereal, or in the case of the food-safe binder a key ingredient in toothpaste
  • Proprietary mixture of cereals and grains with food grade binders
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