Jura Z10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Aluminum White |YYC-50| - Return

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Jura Z10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Aluminum White - Return

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    The Jura Z10, a masterpiece of Swiss engineering, is housed in a modern yet timeless shell of stainless steel and aluminum.
    With a touch, it awakens, its intelligent grind adjustment and eighth-generation brewing unit humming softly.
    Your mornings are greeted with the rich aroma of precision-brewed coffee, each cup a journey through the lush hills of Colombia or the robust landscapes of Ethiopia.
    The Z10 crafts experiences, not simply coffee, each more refreshing and invigorating than the last.


    This item is classified as a return, meaning that a customer purchased it and it was returned within our 14 day return period. These items are in excellent shape and include a full and any non-consumable accessories.


    Key Points

    • Intelligent Grind Adjustment
    • 8th Generation Brewing Unit
    • Elegant Design
    • Touchscreen Display
    • 3D Brewing Technology



    The Jura Z10, the first superautomatic espresso machine of its kind, features P.R.G. - Product Recognising Grinder - a technology that determines the fineness of grind needed based on your chosen coffee drink and adjusts the grinder settings accordingly.

    Additionally, Jura has developed the revolutionary Cold Extraction Process, providing users of the Z10 with a refreshing way to make cold brew coffee by pulsing water at high pressure through ground beans to create a natural, energizing beverage.

    An eighth-generation brew unit on the Z10 uses 3D brewing technology, which ensures even distribution when preparing any coffee drink, resulting in more intense aromas both in hot drinks and cold brews.



    Product feature

    Product Recognising Grinder
    There is no doubt that all devoted coffee drinkers understand the importance of an even grind - and this product delivers exactly that. The grind can be adjusted digitally from very fine for short coffees to very coarse for longer coffee drinks. This is done automatically based on your selection of beverage.

    Product feature

    Cold brew
    Z10 efficiently makes cold brew coffee by pulsing high pressure water through relatively coarsely ground coffee. As a result, a natural, energizing and refreshing beverage is created that allows the fruity aromas of the coffee to stand out without being overpowered by bitterness.

    Product feature

    All new brewing unit
    The Z10 includes an eighth-generation brewing unit that was designed with a 3D technology. This allows for better-tasting hot and cold-brewed coffee, by providing more even distribution of water over the ground beans.

    Product feature

    Elegantly Designed
    In creating the Z10, great care was taken to ensure that it had a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Its stainless steel and aluminum construction, as well as its elegant water tank, make it a pleasing sight.


    Tech specs and other details

    12.3 kg
    38 cm
    32 cm
    45 cm

    Questions & Answers

    Customer Reviews (5)

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    Everything I Hoped For

    After months of questioning the team at I Drink Coffee, I decided to buy the Jura Z10. It produces a great tasting product and is super easy to use. I...
    user submitteduser submitted

    Reviewed on 8/19/2023 by Michelle M.

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    It is a beautiful machine.

    It is a beautiful machine. Love it so far! A little disappointed with the plastic chrome I hope it stands up and is warrantied. In the ads it looks ...

    Reviewed on 12/14/2023 by Dave F.

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    Beautiful Machine!

    Very happy with my coffee machine so far. I've had it for a week and wouldn't want to be without it. Little or no maintenance. Top quality coffee mach...

    Reviewed on 2/8/2023 by RH

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    Great coffee with one button

    The interface takes a bit of getting used to. Made a few accidental drinks as I was figuring things out. But once you have things setup to your liking...

    Reviewed on 5/16/2022 by Sean B.

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    The perfect machine

    After working my way thru 2 previous brand and then settling in on. Jura E5, I figured this was the moment to go all out and I purchased a Z10. A bit ...

    Reviewed on 12/22/2021 by Marc G.

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