Flair Classic Manual Espresso Maker |159| - Return

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Flair Classic Manual Espresso Maker - Return

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    Flair Espresso is founded on a simple question: “What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso?”.

    Flair has eliminated the complexity of high-end espresso machines and created a product that can provide perfectly pressed espresso without the high price tag.

    Few things are as rewarding as those done by hand. Flair Espresso makers are crafted for those that like to slow things down and appreciate the ritual of preparing espresso.


    This item is classified as a return, meaning that a customer purchased it and it was returned within our 14 day return period. These items are in excellent shape and include a full and any non-consumable accessories.


    The Classic is Flair’s original espresso machine. First launched in 2016, it’s portable, durable, easy to maintain, and completely manual. It’s the machine for those of us who want to pursue the perfect espresso shot without all the extra gadgets helping us out. A manual machine takes more effort to use but makes the espresso that much sweeter when you manage to (literally) pull the perfect shot.

    Flair shook up the espresso industry when they introduced the Classic in 2016. Manual espresso machines are not a new invention, but innovations like the removable brew group and excellent pricing set Flair apart.

    The Flair Classic is a completely manual machine. As the original entry for Flair machines, its 2-in-1 portafilter gives you the opportunity for an easier shot in its spouted configuration or lets you gain insight into the extraction process with the bottomless portafilter configuration.

    The Classic is also modular. Its brew head can be upgraded with an optional pressure gauge kit or used with the Neo’s flow control brew head (for when you don’t have access to a high-quality espresso grinder or freshly roasted beans). New models of the Classic (recognizable by the removable brew head adapter ring), can even use the more advanced Pro Brew Head, a larger, stainless steel brew head that comes standard with a pressure gauge.


    Product feature

    Completely manual operation - no electricity involved, making this an extremely eco-friendly espresso machine.

    Product feature

    2-in-1 Portafilter - brew without the mess using the clip on spout, or get insight into your extraction using the bottomless configuration.

    Product feature

    Cafe Quality Espresso - the Classic has been designed to brew cafe quality espresso using freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee.

    Product feature

    Removable Brew Head - the only manual machine on the market that allows you to completely remove the brewing head for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Product feature

    Upgradeable Brew Head - swap out the Standard Brew Head for a Pro 2 version, add a pressure gauge, swap out the 2-in-1 portafilter for the flow control version, etc. to get more out of your machine

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Flair Classic Espresso Maker
    • Black Post, Base & Lever with Red Portafilter Base
    • Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter
    • Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
    • Brewing Cylinder
    • Polyacetal Piston
    • Dosing Cup/tamper
    • Funnel
    • Drip Tray
    • Carrying Case
    • Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently
    • Brewing Guide


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      2.7 kg
      35.5 cm
      10.5 cm

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