Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Burr Grinder - Black |63| - Return

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Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Burr Grinder - Black - Return

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    This item is classified as a return, meaning that a customer purchased it and it was returned within our 14 day return period. These items are in excellent shape and include a full warranty, original packaging and any non-consumable accessories.

    Please note with used grinders there is a chance you will see coffee grinds inside the box. We do our best to clean the grinders but we have seen grinders that get shaken or turned upside down during transport have grinds in the box.


    Key Features:

  • Stylish LED Touchscreen Display
  • 55mm Hardened Steel Flat Burrs for Uniform Grinding
  • Patented Stepless Adjustment System for Easier Grind Settings
  • Two Programmable Timer Settings 
  • Silent Technology for Quiet Grinding

  • Overview:

    The Mignon Brew Pro is Eureka's latest filter-coffee focused grinder. 

    You get the timeless style of the Mignon grinder series along with the tools you need to get the most out of your filter brewed coffee.

    Whether brewing using an Aeropress, V60, Chemex, or a French press, the Brew Pro's large flat burrs will make sure of producing a more uniform grind size, a key variable when looking to create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

    Who is this machine for?

    Designed for coffee lovers who appreciate subtleties brought out by gently extracting flavour from their favourite beans, the Eureka Mignon Brew Pro pairs perfectly with a wide range of filter coffee brewing equipment, from Aeropress or V60 up to larger brewers like the Chemex or even batch brewers like those from Bunn.

    What we love about it.

    The Brew Pro has been carefully designed to give homebrewers the best grind particle quality possible.

    The 55mm hardened steel flat burrs produce a more uniform grind size, allowing for a more gentle extraction, enabling you to unlock the subtle flavours developed during the beans' growing conditions.

    Eureka's patented stepless adjustment control allows for a more straightforward process when dialling in the perfect grind size to match any style of filter coffee brewing.

    The stylish LCD touch screen can control two programmable timer settings and the continuous grinding function, making it even more convenient to develop custom grind profiles, helping to streamline the brewing process.

    Using the Mignon Brew Pro is made more enjoyable by its silent technology, which helps to preserve the tranquillity of early mornings.

    What makes it special?

    Stylish LED Touchscreen Display

    The LED touchscreen on the front of the grinder offers an easy-to-use and conveniently accessible central control panel from which to program or adjust the two timed dose settings.

    55mm Hardened Steel Flat Burrs for Uniform Grinding

    The larger burrs produce a more uniform grind size, which is vital to getting a good extraction and a balanced cup of coffee.

    Patented Stepless Adjustment System for Easier Grind Settings

    The easy-to-use dial that controls the grind adjustment is one the most user-friendly styles on the market, adding to the overall ease of use for all levels of brewing experience.

    Two Programmable Timer Settings and Continuous Grinding

    Create two profiles to match the amount of coffee you need for your personal brew recipe or use continuous grinding when pre-weighing your beans. The options are easily accessible through the LED touchscreen.

    Silent Technology for Quiet Grinding

    Eureka's latest grinder series lowers decibel levels, making grinding coffee in shared spaces a lot quieter, allowing you to have a conversation without disturbing others, even at unsociable hours.


    Note: The grinder comes with a smoked hopper and brew-basket (not pictured)


    Tech specs and other details

    5.6 kg
    35 cm
    12 cm
    19 cm

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    Our new grinder

    Upping our coffee game with our new grinder for our regular brew coffee! It’s is really quiet and is great to use once you get it all setup! It took a...
    user submitted

    Reviewed on 3/1/2022 by Tammy M.

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    Second review of this grinder Works great,quiet looks nice but oh is it messy! Plastic grind container is a bad choice for this grinder! I have tried ...

    Reviewed on 6/15/2023 by Tammy

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