Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine - White |69| - Return

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Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine - White - Return

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    Step into the world of elite coffee craftsmanship with the Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine. This marvel of Italian engineering is not just a machine; it's a gateway to the artistry of espresso.
    With its sophisticated features and unparalleled precision, the Bezzera Duo DE invites you to indulge in the ritual of coffee making. It's more than an appliance – it's a centerpiece of culinary innovation in your kitchen. Embrace the joy of crafting the perfect espresso, and let the Bezzera Duo DE transform your coffee experience into a journey of taste and elegance.


    This item is classified as a return, meaning that a customer purchased it and it was returned within our 14 day return period. These items are in excellent shape and include a full warranty, original packaging and any non-consumable accessories.


    The Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine is an advanced piece of equipment for coffee enthusiasts, blending the best of traditional and specialty coffee. This Italian-made, dual boiler machine is noted for its impressive functionality and reliability, bringing a rich taste of Italy into the home. It stands out with its programmable volumetric buttons, a rotary pump, and a unique group head controlled by a PID thermostat, offering baristas exceptional control over brewing variables.

    One of the key features of the Bezzera Duo DE is its interactive LCD touch-screen, allowing for precise temperature control and an array of programmable features. This touch-screen is also home to the machine’s programmable pre-infusion settings and a shot timer, essential for perfecting espresso brewing. The machine is designed to be either plumbed directly or to run off its internal 4L reservoir, offering flexibility for various home setups.

    The Bezzera Duo DE is also notable for its temperature stability, thanks to its chrome-plated brass group head, which is maintained by a third PID thermostat. This design is different from the E61 group found in similar models and is key to the machine's consistent performance. The machine's boilers are crafted from copper, with a 0.45L capacity for the brew boiler and a 1.05L capacity for the steam boiler, ensuring efficient and consistent heating.

    The machine's steam boiler reaches up to 1.5 bars of pressure, facilitating quick and easy milk steaming. The volumetric settings enable the machine to automatically stop at the preset yield, ensuring consistent shot quality. The machine includes a large water reservoir, a dedicated brew boiler, and a steam boiler, all within a sturdy stainless steel frame.

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