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Slayer Steam LP - 3 Group

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Slayer SteamLP, the latest commercial machine from Slayer lives up to it's name by offering the best in class steaming features but also focuses on enabling baristas to extract the best possible espresso with controllable and programmable pre-infusion and weight based post-infusion.


  • Controllable independent pre-infusion programmable from 0-10 seconds
  • Post-infusion programmable by weight
  • Dual-volumetrics operation with two programmable doses per grouphead
  • 1-5 second auto purge activated automatically or on demand
  • Pressure reducer to set your pre- and post- infusion pressure (line pressure or lower).
  • Quick push button to activate full manual versus volumetric mode
  • Advanced algorithm allows volumetric setting by weight
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Electronic solenoid steam valves
  • Heads-up barista dashboard per group
  • Massive work surface
  • Wing channels keep wires & hoses hidden from view
  • Automatic shot lights
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Mirror polished stainless steel body
  • Ink black wings and cup rail
  • Onyx Duratex actuators & handles.


    Controllable Pre-infusion
    Program 1-10 seconds of pre-infusion or manually control it.
    Weight based post-infusion
    Get the right dose out, while controlling all extraction variables.
    Individual PIDs
    The LP features PID-controlled independent brew tanks
    Auto Purge
    Let the LP worry about purging after each shot is pulled, just program it and forget about it!
    Switch to Manual
    The LP has a quick push button to activate full manual mode (when in manual, the same button switches to volumetric mode)