Slayer Steam EP - 3 Group - Anodized Aluminum

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Slayer Steam EP - 3 Group - Anodized Aluminum

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    Step into the realm of high-performance espresso with the Slayer Steam EP.
    This machine is a testament to Slayer's commitment to making coffee better. It redefines the entry-level concept by integrating features often considered optional.
    With the Steam EP, you're entitled to individual group boilers, straightforward volumetric dosing, and durable parts that require less maintenance, making it a dream machine for any coffee establishment.



    The Slayer Steam EP is engineered for those who seek exceptional quality in their espresso machines. It brings together the best of Slayer's design philosophy with a focus on temperature stability and efficient operation. Key features include individual brew boilers for each group, ensuring precise temperature control and consistency. The Steam EP also simplifies the operation with its easy-to-program volumetric dosing, allowing for accurate and repeatable shots.

    Emphasizing its suitability for high-volume environments, the Steam EP includes a programmable Pre-Wet phase to pre-infuse the coffee, enhancing flavour extraction. Its robust design features a large drip tray and low counter height, facilitating comfortable barista workflow and customer interaction. The machine's reliable electronic solenoid steam valve reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

    Additionally, the centralized heads-up barista dashboard simplifies machine operation and programming. This machine is a tool and a partner in crafting exceptional coffee experiences.


    Redefining Entry-Level

    The Slayer Steam EP offers individual group boilers, negating the need for steam valve rebuilds and featuring easy programmability. It sets a new benchmark in its class for quality coffee.

    Individual Brew Boilers with PID Control

    Each group has its own brew boiler, ensuring consistent, reliable temperatures ideal for high-volume beverage service.

    Push-Button Volumetric Output

    The machine allows programming of up to four automated shot outputs per group, offering both precision and convenience.

    9-Bar Extraction with Pre-Wet

    Customizable Pre-Wet phase from 0-4 seconds, allowing for a tailored extraction process.

    Electronic Solenoid Steam Valve

    The Steam EP features a reliable, low-maintenance valve, reducing the need for frequent rebuilds.

    Centralized Heads-Up Barista Dashboard

    Ease of operation is enhanced with a single-screen interface, simplifying the programming and fine-tuning of the machine.

    Unique Design

    Features like a low-profile, large drip tray, and ergonomic functions allow baristas to easily engage with customers and streamline their workflow.

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