Slayer Steam LP - 2 Group - Bone Beige

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Slayer Steam LP - 2 Group - Bone Beige

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    Embrace the future of espresso with the Slayer Steam LP, a barista's dream machine. It combines incredible control with accuracy, providing programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion, and volumetric output settings.
    With the ability to switch between manual and volumetric modes, this machine is perfect for crafting consistent, delicious espresso shots, making it an indispensable tool for coffee enthusiasts.



    The Slayer Steam LP is the epitome of precision and control in espresso making. It's designed for baristas who dream of perfecting their craft with every shot. This machine offers an innovative approach to pressure profiling and repeatability functions, ensuring each espresso is extracted to its fullest potential. 

    The Steam LP stands out with its ability to operate in both manual and volumetric modes, providing baristas the flexibility to experiment while maintaining consistency.

    The machine's intuitive interface allows for easy "recording" of manual shot settings, which can be replayed for consistent quality throughout the day.

    Its sleek design and customizable finishes make the Steam LP not just a functional piece of equipment but a centrepiece in any café setting. With features like quick calibration, a barista dashboard for each group, and an electronic solenoid steam valve, the Steam LP is designed to elevate the coffee experience for both baristas and coffee enthusiasts.


      Variable Pressure

      Manually shift between a regulated low-pressure and a traditional pump-pressure easily with the brew actuator.

      Intuitive Volumetric Interface

      Quickly and easily 'record' your last manual shot and 'replay' it all day for consistent quality.

      Quick Calibration

      Scroll and adjust values to make small changes or set up the full brew recipe.

      Barista Dashboard per Group

      Each group head has an individual screen for easy operation and precise control.

      Electronic Solenoid Steam Valve

      Reliable and low maintenance, these valves don’t need rebuilding like mechanical valves.

      Big Adjustable Drip Tray

      Designed to comfortably stage drinks and manage workflow.

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      100 kg (tanks filled)
      42.5 cm
      86.5 cm
      70.5 cm

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