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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II 3 Group - Volumetric

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    he Aurelia by Nuova Simonelli is recognized as one of the best-performing espresso machines to hit the market in recent years. Aurelia combines beauty, durability, functionality, ergonomics, and versatility all in one machine. Not to mention with its thermally compensated soft-infusion design, it delivers great-tasting espresso shot after shot and at a very affordable price.

    Nuova Simonelli has always quested to be on the cusp of new technology and design and delivering the most advanced brewing technology at the most affordable prices. Thus, they made the newly created Aurelia II. It retains some of the original's features while adding on a few more, including a deluxe lighting system and a beautiful metal and mirror finish.


    • 2 Push-pull steam wands
    • Smart steam (Available on Automatic only)
    • Large boilers (14, 17 or 22 liter)
    • Large heat exchanger (1.5 liter)
    • Dual gauges boiler pressure and pump pressure
    • 5 inch clearance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout
    • Hot water spigot with built-in economizer (Mixes fresh water with water from boiler)
    • Electronic hot water dosage (Automatic only)
    • Multifunction LCD Display
    • Built in volumetric pump
    • Fully automatic (programmable shot dosage on Automatic)
    • Double soft pre-infusion (SIS)
    • Automatic back flushing (Automatic only)
    • Deluxe light kit
    • Available in 2, 3, and 4 groups tall
    • Available in Black and Gray
    • Ergonomic certified
    • CSA electrical & sanitation
    • NSF standard 4



    The optional EasyCream Automatic Micro-Foaming System replaces the manual steam handle with a button. Once pressed, the modified wand steams in a unique angular direction while monitoring the temperature with an integrated probe, so it knows:

    • when to start & stop injecting air for perfect microfoam,
    • and when to stop steaming for standardized milk temperature.

    EasyCream requires no input from the barista to perfectly texture the milk; the barista simply places the wand in the pitcher of cold milk and when it reaches the desired (programmed) temperature the steam automatically turns off, leading to a consistent drink, regardless of the skill level of the barista.

    Please note that the use of unsoftened and unfiltered water will invalidate your warranty

    For additional warranty benefits, select the "Gold" plan before adding to the cart. With the gold warranty plan, you get:

    • Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs
    • Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
    • Bench Test Machine
    • Installation Coordination of Facilities
    • Water Quality/Clarity Test
    • Professional Installation
    • Automatic Warranty Claim Processing
    • Free Installation of Water Softening System
    • Guaranteed No Freight Damage
    • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
    • 1 Year Labor Warranty

    The gold plan is only required for customers based outside Ontario.

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