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Converter Cord 20 Amp to 15 Amp

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With this adapter cord you can make easy work of converting a 20 amp La Spaziale Vivaldi to function in 15 amp mode, without cutting the molded 20 amp plug off the end of the cord. Simply take the top cover off the machine and flip the toggle switch to 15 amp, then plug the machine into the female end of this adapter and the male end into your 15 amp receptacle. This way, if in the future, things change and you have a 20 amp receptacle available you can convert back simply and still have the original molded 20 amp plug on the machine.

Convertor Cords Works with:
La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi / Vivaldi
La Spaziale Dream T / Dream
Quick Mill Vetrano 2B (older model and the Evo)
Izzo Alex Duetto (all models)
Note: This cord is not meant to allow you to run the La Spaziale Vivaldi or any other 20 amp machine in a 15 amp outlet without converting the the functionality to operate at 15 amp. Failure to follow instructions could result in anything from tripping your circuit breaker causing a fire. assumes no responsibility as a result of failure to follow instructions.