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Baratza Forte Brew Grinder

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    Expectations are meant to be surpassed. Raising the bar with the goal of excellence in every cup is the bare minimum that coffee should be achieving. Limits are meant to be pushed and further explored or tested.

    The Baratza Forte BG grinder is a fantastic friend for the coffee explorer. With the Forte being small and petite, it fits seamlessly into a home coffee station or coffee shop. Actually wonderfully as a primary grinder, or a secondary grinder, it will excel at any brew method thrown its way.



    The Forte BG offers the best of the best for multipurpose grinders. A variety of brew methods easily dialed in from your usual morning brew to your special once in a while treat. Easily shifting between grind settings makes these results simply repeatable.

    Baratza started off with a simple mission in 1999. They wanted to provide high quality grinders to ensure coffee is being freshly ground for optimal performance and enjoyment. Over 20 years since the creation of their first grinder, they are known for their innovations to grinder for easy to replicate grinding and dosing.

    The Forte BG is an easy to use multipurpose grinder. With its macro and micro adjustor it’s simple to change the grind size for many different brew methods. To help you not waste beans, the Forte AP comes equipped with 3 programmable grind times or change it over to 3 programmable grind weights and the Forte will weigh out your grinds accurately to 0.5 grams. With specially designed burrs, this grinder will not produce as many fines with coarser brew method.

    In keeping true to Baratza’s mission, the Forte BG is incredibly easy to repair and maintain with accessible, affordable parts and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

    Key Features:

    • Multipurpose                                       
    • Stepped macro and micro adjustor                 
    • 54mm flat stainless steel burrs


    Digitally control dosage

    3 programmable weight or time doses for consistency

    Grinds bin

    Integrated grinds bin to catch ground coffee without creating a mess

    easy grinds adjustment

    Stepped macro and micro adjusters for a total of 260 grind settings

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    What's Inside The Box

    • User Manual
    • 125 gram Grinds Bin
    • 300 gram bean hopper
    • Portafilter holder


      Warranty: 1 year of parts and labour

      Who provides the warranty for this product?: is an authorized service centre for Baratza

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      Customer Reviews (7)

      user submitteduser submitteduser submitted

      best purcase, worth every dollar spent

      I recently purchased Baratza Fote Brew Grinder, and my family have been enjoying our coffee a lot more than ever before. The grind is perfect and prec...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 6/21/2020 by Ada L.

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      Consistency is very important

      I've used Baratza Virtuoso for few months, good grinder is its price, but still create a bit more fines and I am not a big fan of plastic parts. So I ...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 6/24/2019 by Leon L.

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      Compact Brewer

      Nice size for an all purpose grinder when space is tight. Great addition to our appliances for a small cafe.
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 6/5/2020 by Gayle L.

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      Tank of a grinder

      This is a tank of a grinder. I bought it almost two years ago and I have had zero issues. So nice to have my programmed weights and just press go.

      Reviewed on 1/20/2023 by Roger B.

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      Great grinder for brew

      Great grinder for brew method so you get the best out of nice coffee beans. The grinder was missing two rubber feet but Baratza support is amazing. Th...

      Reviewed on 3/18/2021 by Thierry P.

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      Best grinder I have had.

      Best grinder I have had. It's quiet, easy to set up and use. Grinds perfectly every time.

      Reviewed on 3/24/2020 by Bob S.

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      Great coffee made effortless

      Purchased this grinder about a month ago as an upgrade from a Breville Smart Grinder Pro (which broke after 2 yrs of daily use). I use the grinder exc...

      Reviewed on 5/2/2018 by Calin S.

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