"title","link","description","google_product_category","item_group_id","id","condition","price","availability","image_link","gtin","brand","mpn","product_type","age_group","gender","custom_label_0","custom_label_1","custom_label_2","custom_label_3","custom_label_4","shipping_weight","store code","quantity","pickup method","pickup SLA" "Technivorm Moccamaster KBG - Red Metallic - Return - Default Title","https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/technivorm-moccamaster-kbg-17-colours-red-metallic-return?variant=32284569796642","The Moccamaster KBG model features a glass carafe and an automatic drip-stop brew-basket that stops the flow of coffee if the carafe is pulled away. The KBG brews a full 40oz​ pot of coffee in six minutes. Coffee is then held on our unique hot plate; which is engineered with a separate, independent element that rolls heat into the coffee to ensure an even taste from the first cup to the last drop. The hot plate has two settings, giving you the choice to hold your coffee at 80° or 85° C, while never burning your coffee. After 100 minutes, the hot plate will automatically turn off.All Moccamaster filter Coffeemakers are handmade in the Netherlands.  FEATURESAutomatic Drip-Stop brew-basket with glass jugSimple to operate and quiet brewing process that produces a full jug in just 6 minutesUnique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 92º to 96º C which is important for coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is emptyPre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect coffee bloom, produced by an ultra–precise, natural pulse actionMade with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate free plasticsIdeal water saturation time to maximize coffee complexity, flavour and aroma – Achieved through a cone shaped brew-basket design that regulates a 4 to 6 minute brew timeThe glass jug maintains coffee quality, integrity, and taste on a unique, independent hot-plate element engineered to hold coffee temperature at 80° to 85° C and automatically shuts offRemovable parts essential for long-term maintenance and replacement ","Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines","shopify_CA_4617009528866","shopify_CA_4617009528866_32284569796642","new","365.00 CAD","in stock","http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1201/3604/products/mm-kbg-red-1000x1000_1_2fba8205-1dc9-475f-8c17-65a983837608_grande.jpg?v=1598464079","","Technivorm","OB-208-55-TV-59618","Coffee Makers","","","","","","","","9.35 lb","IDCHQ","1","buy","same day" "ECM V-Titan 64 Burr Grinder - Stainless Steel - Return - Default Title","https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/ecm-v-titan-64-burr-grinder-stainless-steel-return?variant=32284506619938","The V-Titan 64 is the first commercial grinder from ECM.It can be used in households as well. Inspired by the style from the 1950's, the Velox Titan 64 impresses with its clear, rounded design. Our new grinder allows both manual grinding and pre-programmed, automatic grinding of two different portions of fresh coffee. Furthermore, with the professional portafilter bracket it is possible to use the grinder free-handed.FEATURES:Simple programming of the timer for 1 or 2 portions via displayManual grinding functionStepless adjustment of the grindSilver colored displayQuantity counter of the ground portionsPlease note that we cannot ship ECM products into the United States.","Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliance Accessories > Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Accessories > Coffee Grinders","shopify_CA_4616977023010","shopify_CA_4616977023010_32284506619938","new","1,520.00 CAD","in stock","http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1201/3604/products/commercial-grinders-grinders-ecm-v-titan-64-burr-grinder-1_5c687ae4-314e-4432-8f8b-776d99d019d9_grande.jpg?v=1598460294","","ECM","OB-208-8-CG-ECM-V60","Commercial Grinders,Grinders","","","","","","","","25.8 lb","IDCHQ","1","buy","same day" "Eureka Atom Pro 75 Grinder - Return - Default Title","https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/eureka-atom-pro-75-grinder-return?variant=32284313911330","Eureka grinders are our latest addition. This Italian brand is known for manufacturing high-end, precise and stylish espresso grinders since 1920. The Atom. Its mission? To be international and bring coffee culture around the world. How? Espresso, moka and Brew in a single product suited to the most demanding professionals and individualsThe Pro 75:- Blow Up System for low grind retention- Perfect for Espresso & Brew  - ACE System- Easy Setting System- Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)- High Speed Grind Dispersion- High Speed Maintenance- Silent Technology- Cool grinding system DrinkCoffee.com is pleased to announce that we will be working directly with Eureka and representing them here in Canada. Aside from carrying a wide range of Eureka grinders we will also be able to offer them at incredible prices and provide our VIM service with the Eureka brand.","Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliance Accessories > Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Accessories > Coffee Grinders","shopify_CA_4616908800034","shopify_CA_4616908800034_32284313911330","new","1,785.00 CAD","in stock","http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1201/3604/products/28-0_6d151f18-3f43-4e12-9d9a-1262151bfbdc_grande.jpg?v=1598448162","","Eureka","OB-208-25-CG-EUR-ATM-P-B","Grinders","","","","","","","","20.0 lb","IDCHQ","1","buy","same day" "Gaggia Carezza Deluxe - Return - Default Title","https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/gaggia-carezza-deluxe-return?variant=32283329658914","TRADITIONALLY MODERN VINTAGE DESIGN AND DOUBLE-WALLED FILTER HOLDER According to our motto Tradizione in Continua Evoluzione, the new Gaggia Carezza combines our professional heritage with the latest technology, to delight you with a remarkable Italian Espresso that would have made the founder proud. Tradizione... - Boiler temperature gauge for full control - Perfect pressure for full espresso taste - Classic milk frother for a tasty cappuccino - Double-walled filter for a hot Espresso - Coffee pods compatible - Pre-brewing for flavor enhancing ...in continua evoluzione - Descaling alarm for longer product lifetimeFEATURES:CLASSIC MILK FROTHERThe classic milk frother on this Gaggia Espresso machine, traditionally called Panarello , turns milk into gorgeous milk froth within seconds for a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or more. It also delivers hot water for teaCOFFEE PODSOur Gaggia manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for so called ESE (easy serve Espresso) pods. These ESE pods are perfectly portioned and make it easier to operate a manual Espresso machine.BOILER GAUGEThe Gaggia boiler temperature gauge allows professional monitoring of the water temperature in the boiler to always have the best result in cup.PERFECT PRESSUREThe 15bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the authentic Espresso taste.DESCALING ALARMYour Gaggia machine will indicate when a descale cycle becomes necessary. PRE-BREWINGPre-brewing ensures that the ground coffee is evenly moistened before the actual brewing process. Only then the water flows through all of the ground coffee and your Gaggia Espresso machine can extract the full aroma for a balanced and tasty Espresso.","Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines > Espresso Machines","shopify_CA_4616639348770","shopify_CA_4616639348770_32283329658914","new","400.00 CAD","in stock","http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1201/3604/products/carezza2_09bdb83e-7a29-45b7-9c7b-723535f35ffc_grande.jpg?v=1598393812","","Gaggia","OB-208-4-SA-GG-CAR-DEL","Espresso Machines","","","","","","","","20.0 lb","IDCHQ","2","buy","same day" "Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica - Chrome - Open Box - Default Title","https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/elektra-micro-casa-semiautomatica-chrome-open-box?variant=32213537030178","This item is brand new, the box has been opened but it has not been used Owned by the Fregnan family since 1947 and located in Treviso, Northern Italy, the Elektra Company believes in combining tradition and innovation in the production of their espresso machines and coffee grinders. Each and every product of Elektra is the result of their unrestrained initiative, creativity and commitment. No wonder Elektra creates espresso machines that are out of world!The Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica with beautiful Chrome finish is truly a stylish standout. This exceptional semi automatic espresso machine ensures you top notch performance every time you brew. The heat exchanger system delivers consistently hot espresso and provides high pressure steam for latte and cappuccino. The machine is equipped with a large 2-litre brass boiler, water level sight glass to indicate level of water in boiler, boiler pressure relief valve and built-in thermostat to ensure the safety of machine. The dedicated retr style catches the attention and bestows elegance on the surroundings. And, Elektras performance in delivering quality espresso and cappuccino matches its beauty. FEATURESHeat-Exchanging BoilerThe Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica is fitted with a heat-exchanger boiler system that keeps brewing water at a stable temperature and extracts the most flavorful espresso beverages. Its durable brass boiler with a capacity of 2 liters provides excellent dry steam for creating micro foam. The unit is equipped with a boiler pressure relief valve on top of the boiler for safety and a built-in safety thermostat to prevent meltdown if left without water.Vibratory PumpThe Elektra Micro Casa boasts a powerful vibratory pump rated at 15 BAR of pressure to extract maximum flavor from the coffee beans.Professional GaugeIt features a boiler pressure gauge that shows steam pressure in boiler and a needle in green zone indicates optimal time to extract espresso.Three Way Solenoid ValveThe three-way solenoid valve relieves pressure and sucks out the water in the grouphead when you've finished extracting your espresso. This means the portafilter (handle) can immediately be removed, re-filled with coffee and replaced to quickly start with next brew cycle.ControlsThe control panel of the Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica is completely user friendly. The control panel has 3 red switches for power, coffee brew and boiler refill respectively. The unit also has a twist knob-controlled steam valve for quick turn on and offs.Water ReservoirTop pour in 2 liter water reservoir allows for easy refill and continuous water delivery to brew espresso.New: Wooden handles on the portafilter","Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines > Espresso Machines","shopify_CA_4592952672290","shopify_CA_4592952672290_32213537030178","new","2,600.00 CAD","in stock","http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1201/3604/products/chrome_2ad73bf7-5650-4342-b91f-cb97595ded00_grande.jpg?v=1594908890","","Elektra","OB-207-153-SA-ELE-SEMI-CH-B7","Espresso Machines","","","","","","","","30.0 lb","IDCHQ","1","buy","same day"