Slayer Espresso v3 - Two Group

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Slayer Espresso v3 - Two Group

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    Elevate your coffee experience with the Slayer Espresso v3, the pinnacle of espresso machine innovation.
    Designed for the discerning barista, this machine offers unparalleled control over every shot, delivering espresso that captivates with its depth and complexity.
    With its state-of-the-art needle-valve technology, you can fine-tune the flow rate to extract flavours that dance across the palate. Each group head operates independently, ensuring consistent temperature and perfect steam pressure, cup after cup.



    The Slayer Espresso v3 stands at the forefront of coffee machine innovation, marrying precision engineering with artisanal craftsmanship. Available in two and three-group models, the machine boasts individual brew boilers for each group, offering exceptional temperature stability that translates into consistently superior espresso shots.

    Central to the Slayer Espresso v3's unparalleled performance is its patented needle-valve technology—a feature that revolutionizes flow rate control. This allows baristas to explore a finer grind size, unlocking a spectrum of complex flavours previously unattainable in espresso extraction. Complementing this is a robust steam boiler, engineered to provide a ceaseless steam supply, perfect for crafting silky microfoam that elevates lattes and cappuccinos to artistry.

    Beyond its technical prowess, the Slayer Espresso v3 is a testament to personal expression. It presents a rich palette of customization options, from the tactile warmth of wood selections to the visual impact of panel colours and the luster of metal finishes. Each machine can be tailored to become a statement piece that reflects the unique style of any café or kitchen.

    Ergonomics and user experience are not an afterthought but a central design philosophy. The Slayer Espresso v3 is built to engage and enchant, with features that ensure every interaction is intuitive and every performance, a spectacle. It's not just a tool for making coffee—it's a partner in the barista's journey to create unforgettable coffee experiences.


    Temperature Stability

    Rapid heating and consistent temperature are hallmarks of the Slayer Espresso v3. The separate brew and steam tanks ensure quality in every shot.

    Needle Valve Technology

    This groundbreaking feature of the Slayer Espresso v3 allows for unparalleled control over water flow rate, enabling the extraction of a wide range of flavours.

    Independent Brew and Steam Tanks

    On-demand hot water and steam are always ready, meeting any brewing challenge head-on.


    Offering a plethora of options in wood, panel colours, and metal finishes, the Slayer Espresso v3 can be tailored to fit any style and setting.

    Commercial Grouphead

    Built for durability and reliability, the grouphead includes a resettable and lifetime shot counter.

    Ergonomic Design

    The Slayer Espresso v3 is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring shot mirrors and a low-profile build for ease of operation.

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