Lelit Mara X PL62X Espresso Machine - Black

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Lelit Mara X PL62X Espresso Machine - Black

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    The Lelit Mara X is a compact and powerful heat exchange espresso machine for your home. With dual PIDs to monitor the temperature in both the steam boiler and the heat exchanger, the Mara X offers espresso extraction a cut above the competition. Italian manufacturing and advanced technology make this small and mighty home espresso machine capable of impressing even the most discerning coffee drinker.

    Lelit espresso machines are ‘Made for Performance.’ They’ve been manufacturing machines since 2002, with a focus on delivering high-quality products without breaking the bank. Every Lelit model will surprise you with the extra features and attention to detail they bring to each machine.

    The Mara X combines a heat exchange boiler system, E61 grouphead, and dual PIDs to deliver incredible milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos and quality espresso shots with a temperature-controlled coffee system that rivals even dual boiler machines.

    The E61 grouphead is the gold standard for delivering espresso at home. This machine’s heat exchange boiler system allows you to steam milk while brewing your espresso for speedier cappuccinos and lattes. The Mara X improves the design by implementing two PIDs: one on the steam boiler and the other on the heat exchanger. Unlike other HX machines, the Mara can adjust the temperature based on the reading in the heat exchanger, getting closer to precision than a dual boiler system.

    Key Features

    The Lelit Mara X combines the features below to provide you with cafe-quality milk drinks and espresso shots.

    • A heat exchange boiler system with advanced PIDs means you can steam milk and pull espresso simultaneously, plus benefit from a unique design that implements better temperature stability than a typical HX machine.
    • The E61 Grouphead is a commercial standard that provides perfect temperature stability and an almost indefinite service life.
    • The Mara uses a vibratory pump that gradually builds to full pressure, helping pre-infuse your espresso shots.
    • The Mara X uses two PIDs, one on the steam boiler and one on the heat exchange. You can choose which of these two PIDs is active, putting the machine into steam priority mode (like every other HX machine) or coffee priority mode (unique to the Mara X). Coffee priority mode provides temperature precision, usually only available with a dual boiler system.
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    Product feature

    Stainless Steel heat exchange boiler.

    Product feature

    Dual PID temperature control offers the ability to choose between steam and coffee priority.

    Product feature

    The Lelit portafilter has a unique design featuring a gradual inclination, a long spout, and several open areas carefully calibrated for optimal performance.

    Product feature

    The E61 grouphead offers optimal temperature performance at the group. It is the gold standard for prosumer espresso.

    Product feature

    Choose between warm, hot, or extra hot extraction temperatures.

    Product feature

    Monitor both pump pressure and steam pressure with the dual gauge system.

    Product feature

    The Mara X comes equipped with an ECO mode to save power when the machine is idling between morning and afternoon coffees.

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Double spout portafilter & double shot basket
    • Stainless steel tamper with red handle
    • Cup raiser
    • Blind basket for backflushing
    • User Manual


      Warranty: 2 years of parts and labour

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      Tech specs and other details

      18.8 kg
      35.5 cm
      22 cm
      40.5 cm

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      No regrets

      Was considering going with the Bianca, limited space led me to the Mara and I have no regrets. This machine is a beast, no temperature issues making c...
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 4/3/2023 by Dan M.

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      J'adore mon achat.

      Elle est belle et fonctionne très bien. Je ne regrette pas mon achat :)
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 2/21/2023 by tommy b.

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