Ascaso Barista T One Espresso Machine - 2 Group - Red

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Ascaso Barista T One Espresso Machine - 2 Group - Red

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    A marvel of engineering and design, the Ascaso Barista T fuses tradition with innovation, offers the perfect espresso every time, and respects the environment and your health.
    A revolutionary multi-group design and PID control ensure optimal steam production and thermal stability with the Barista T. In addition, the Barista T delivers fresh, clean water straight from the mains supply, so you won't be using stale and reheated water, which can ruin the taste of your coffee.
    Barista T is energy efficient, saving you up to 50% compared to traditional machines and 25% from multi-boiler machines. It is more than a coffee machine, it is a journey through the senses. It pays homage to the art of espresso. Ascaso's passion for coffee is embodied in the Barista T.



    The Ascaso Barista T Plus is a commercial-grade espresso machine designed for high-volume coffee shops and restaurants. It is engineered with the latest technology to ensure consistent, high-quality espresso shots. The machine features a dual boiler system, allowing for simultaneous brewing and steaming. The brewing group is made of thermodynamic materials that ensure temperature stability, a key factor in the quality of the espresso shot.

    The Barista T Plus also stands out for its eco-friendly design. It has an energy-saving system that reduces power consumption by up to 50% in standby mode. The machine also features a PID control system that allows for precise temperature control, and a touchscreen interface for easy operation.


    Product feature

    T Technology: The Barista T features Ascaso's unique T Technology, which ensures optimal extraction and a rich, full-bodied flavor in every cup.

    Product feature

    Energy Efficiency: This machine is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on your energy bills while still enjoying your favourite beverages.


    Tech specs and other details

    71 kg
    Boiler Power (230 V)
    3500W 50-60Hz
    Coffee Group Power (W)
    1000 x 2
    Weight (kg)

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