Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker - XL

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Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker - XL

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    Unveiling the AeroPress Coffee Maker - XL, your gateway to a perfect brew. Experience the iconic press technology, now magnified to double the capacity, including a sleek 20 oz carafe.
    This 3-in-1 brew wizard combines the best of multiple brew methods into one compact, travel-friendly device.
    Say goodbye to ordinary joe and hello to smooth, rich, grit-free coffee with a luscious, full-bodied finish that lingers.
    Whether at home, office, or on an adventure, your quest for exceptional coffee ends here.



    The AeroPress Coffee Maker - XL blends innovation and simplicity, ensuring a delightful coffee brewing experience. This version comes with a 20 oz carafe and has double the capacity of the original, thanks to its extended dimensions.

    Its patented 3-in-1 brewing technology melds the principles of various brewing methods into a singular, user-friendly apparatus.

    The design is compact and lightweight, making it a versatile choice for home and on-the-go use. The resulting brew is smooth, rich, and grit-free, offering a full-bodied coffee experience that lingers pleasantly.


    Product feature

    Double the Capacity:

    Revel in more coffee with the AeroPress Coffee Maker - XL, designed with double the capacity of the original. Now, including a 590 ml carafe for your brewing convenience.

    Product feature

    3-in-1 Brewing:

    Immerse in the versatility of making Americano, cold brew, espresso, and lattes, all under a minute.

    Product feature

    Quick Brew, No Clean Up:

    Brews in under a minute with a clean chamber post-brew, thanks to the plunger.

    Product feature

    Grit-Free Coffee:

    The included paper micro-filters ensure a smooth, grit-free coffee every time.

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    What's Inside The Box

    • AeroPress XL Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal
    • AeroPress Carafe
    • 100 Paper Micro-Filters
    • Stirrer
    • Scoop


      Tech specs and other details

      Brewing Capacity
      Double the original AeroPress, with a 20 oz carafe
      Shatterproof Tritan™ (carafe)
      Brewing Technology
      3-in-1 brew technology
      11.7 cm

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