Mahlkonig E80 Grind-by-Sync (GBS) Espresso Grinder - White

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Mahlkonig E80 Grind-by-Sync (GBS) Espresso Grinder - White

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    Savour the revolution of espresso grinding with Mahlkönig's E80W Grind-by-Sync. This grinder redefines consistency with its Sync System, ensuring each espresso shot achieves perfection.
    The future of espresso is here – precise, consistent, and tailored for every cup.



    The Mahlkönig E80W Grind-by-Sync is a trailblazer in espresso grinding innovation, boasting the state-of-the-art Sync System.

    This system is a collaborative brainchild of Mahlkönig and La Marzocco, designed to consistently deliver quality espresso shots. The grinder pairs seamlessly with La Marzocco machines, specifically the Linea PB ABR, GB5 ABR, or KB90 ABR, to synchronize via the Mahlkönig Sync app and the La Marzocco Pro mobile app. This connectivity allows wireless communication, enabling the grinder to adjust the grind size automatically by monitoring real-time shot quality. This means that the shots are consistent and can be reproduced across different locations by any barista.

    The cloud-enabled technology facilitates this process, allowing for data exchange that adjusts the grind in response to the extraction time, ensuring perfection in every cup​​.

    Technical specifications include a powerful motor with active temperature control, 80 mm diameter special steel burrs, and a high-precision load cell for Grind-by-Weight technology. It operates at 1400 rpm at 50 Hz or 1700 rpm at 60 Hz, and has a bean hopper capacity of approximately 1800 g.

    The grinder also features an intelligent algorithm that enhances the management of burr distance for perfect extraction, and its high-resolution display ensures easy operation


    Product feature

    Connectivity Features: Revolutionizing coffee grinding, the E80W comes with cloud-enabled electronics. This feature allows for seamless pairing with an espresso machine via The Sync System, enabling real-time grind adjustments and ensuring every shot of espresso is perfection.

    Precision Adjustment: The grinder boasts an electrical adjustment of the burr distance via a small motor, allowing for meticulous micro-adjustments. This precise control over grind size is crucial for achieving the perfect espresso extraction.

    Fineness Control: Our patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) system is a testament to our commitment to precision, enabling baristas to set the degree of fineness with unprecedented accuracy for a flawless espresso grind.

    Workflow Efficiency: The integrated Portafilter Detection feature streamlines the workflow by automatically recognizing the portafilter's presence, saving valuable time and ensuring a quality grind with each use.

    User Interface: The high-resolution 88.3 mm display with a wide viewing angle stands out for its user-friendly interface, providing clear feedback and controls to the barista for effortless operation.

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