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Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder - Black

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This is a commercial product and not subject to our return policy .

Espresso aficionados know the moment they walk into a cafe and spot a Mahlkonig grinder on the countertop that they’ll be getting the best of the best when they walk up and order their drink.

Choose superior quality when you choose a Mahlkonig, and turn your business or your home into the best cafe in the neighbourhood.


The E65S is a culmination of years of innovations from one of the best grinder producers of today. It gives you more control over your grind with an extremely precise adjustment system, and more feedback on usage for the busy cafe owner so that maintenance and burr replacement is easy to keep track of. Whether you’re a cafe owner or a home user, the Mahlkonig E65S will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Mahlkonig has been hand manufacturing grinders since 1924, contributing innovations to the industry as a whole and steadily improving the art of grinding coffee beans for espresso. Every Mahlkonig model is the perfect marriage of form and function.

The E65S utilizes precisely manufactured 65mm flat burrs to create a uniform grind. Its intuitive display allows you to program up to 6 different recipes, and its precise grind adjustment system gives you perfect control over your grind size by displaying exactly how far apart the burrs are on its crystal clear display.

The defining feature of any grinder is its burr set, and Mahlkonig’s burrs are a cut above the rest. Using almost a century of history to their advantage, Mahlkonig has a comprehensive catalogue of different geometries and grinding surface patterns to fall back on, helping them to design and manufacture the perfect set for each grinder. It is often said that espresso ground through a Mahlkonig imparts a sweetness to the cup that is unique to their grinders.

Our Assessment

Ease of use - moderate.
Size - large.
Best used for - espresso.
Serviceability - excellent.


65mm Special Steel burrs65mm Special Steel burrs: drawing on almost 100 years of experience, Mahlkonig has designed a near perfect set of burrs for this grinder.
6 programmable recipes: using the turn and push control, program up to 6 recipes for different doses of espresso.6 programmable recipes
Powerful MotorPowerful Motor: a powerful motor allows this grinder’s burrs to run at a speed of 1400 RPM, and can grind at a speed of up to 4 grams/second (Note: this varies depending on beans and grind size selected).
Universal Portafilter Fork: adjustable to fit any size or shape of portafilter for hands free grinding in a busy environment.Universal Portafilter Fork
Universal SpoutUniversal Spout: adjustable and removable to fit any size of portafilter.
Bean hopper with enhanced durabilityBean hopper
Slim structureSlim structure with modern design


Does the E65S have a scale built-in?

No, the base model E65S uses a timer for dosing. For weighted dosing, see the E65S GBW (Grind By Weight) version of this model.

Can you single dose with an E65S?

We do not recommend single dosing with most commercial grinders, including the E65S. Commercial grinders tend to have more retention than grinders designed for home, making them generally a poor choice for single dosing.

Is the E65S available with a short hopper?

Yes, there is a shorter, 300-gram hopper available for this model.

What's Inside The Box

  • User Manual
  • 1800 gram bean hopper

    Warranty & Returns

    Warranty: 1 year of parts and labour.

    Who provides the warranty for this product?: is an authorized service centre for Mahlkonig