La Marzocco GS/3 (GS3) MP - Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine

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La Marzocco GS/3 (GS3) MP - Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine

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    Owning a La Marzocco machine is akin to owning a piece of espresso history. Founded in 1927 by brothers Piero and Giuseppe Bambi in their home city of Florence, La Marzocco has been manufacturing some of the highest quality commercial machines available since that time.

    They primarily build machines for cafes, and the GS/3 is no exception. The La Marzocco GS/3 MP is a commercial espresso machine with a small enough footprint to sit on your kitchen countertop.

    With a machine this powerful in your kitchen, your home will quickly become your favourite cafe.



    La Marzocco’s GS/3 is one of the best home machines available today, and its powerful boilers and state-of-the-art heating systems provide the true experience of a cafe in your kitchen. Unlike most other dual boiler machines, the GS/3 uses a saturated brew group in order to perfectly control the temperature of your extraction. This version of the machine is equipped with a mechanical paddle (MP), allowing you the freedom to experiment with preinfusion times and volumes in order to craft your ideal espresso shot. 

    La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi in Florence, Italy. Innovation and originality set La Marzocco apart from the competition, and their past contributions to the manufacturing of espresso machines have helped to shape today’s industry standards. Set up your favourite cafe in your own kitchen with the GS/3 MP, one of the most powerful home espresso machines on the market. 

    Combining a saturated brew group with a powerful 3.5L steam boiler, PID for temperature control, manual paddle control, adjustable brew pressure, and smartphone compatibility, this fully equipped commercial quality machine provides the best experience in terms of quality and artisanship. 

    A programmable start time, remote on and off, temperature control, and pre-infusion setting are just a few of the many features available through the GS/3’s smartphone app, making it one of the more advanced machines we carry while still preserving the analog beauty of a traditional commercial espresso machine. 

    Key Features

    The GS/3 combines the features below in order to provide you with cafe-quality milk drinks and espresso shots and even plumb your machine directly into a water line for more convenient use. 

    • 3.5L steam boiler
    • 1.5L saturated grouphead
    • Commercial grade rotary pump
    • PID (or digital thermostat) controls for temperature
    • Mechanical Paddle (MP) for full control over espresso extraction
    • Easily adjustable brewing pressure
    • La Marzocco’s ‘connected machine’ smartphone compatibility


    Product feature

    A large, 3.5L steam boiler provides commercial-grade steam power.

    Product feature

    A saturated group and 1.5L coffee boiler create superior temperature stability. Saturated groups create the best possible temperature stability, for the best possible espresso shots.

    Product feature

    The GS/3 uses a commercial-grade rotary pump. With the included plumb-in kit, you can avoid the inconvenience of having to refill a water reservoir daily. Without one, the reservoir is accessible from the front of the machine so you can refill the GS/3 without having to move it out from under your cupboards.

    Product feature

    The machine's PID (or digital thermostat) control monitors boiler temperature, holding it within a couple of degrees all day long so the machine is always ready to brew the perfect shot.

    Product feature

    Manually controlled Mechanical Paddle allows you to craft every shot to your exact specifications. This is the control scheme for the espresso artist.

    Product feature

    Adjustable brewing pressure with the machine's externally accessible expansion valve.

    Product feature

    The GS/3 now comes standard with La Marzocco's 'connected machine' feature. Using their smartphone app, you can program the machine to automatically turn on or off, adjust brewing temperature, adjust the pre-brewing feature, and more.

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Single and Double Portafilter
    • Tamper
    • Blind Basket
    • Detailed Manual
    • Plumbing Kit


      Warranty: 1 year of parts and labour

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      This is an expensive machine,

      This is an expensive machine, but I think it's one of the best ones. If you want to push a button and make espresso, then this is not for you. It's fo...
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 9/22/2022 by Christy L.

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      Happy with purchase

      Upgraded from an HX machine and loving the stability and steam power. Build quality is A1.

      Reviewed on 11/14/2022 by David M.

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      Superb performance

      My progression has been a single boiler Rancilio Sylvia without PID, dual boiler Vesuvius with pressure profiling, and now La Marzocco GS3 MP. I also ...

      Reviewed on 12/6/2021 by Victor

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      La Marzocco GS3 MP

      I've bought this machine 2 weeks ago as a demo. It was slightly used and the machine was in perfect condition when it arrived. Thanks IDrinkCoffee. My...

      Reviewed on 7/10/2018 by Pat

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