HardTank All-In-One Cold Brew Maker

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HardTank All-In-One Cold Brew Maker

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    Transform your cold beverage program with the Hardtank All-in-one Cold Brew Maker, the ultimate solution for crafting premium cold brew and nitro cold brew at scale.
    This revolutionary system combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unparalleled efficiency to help you keep up with the ever-growing demand for these trendy beverages.
    With its impressive daily output, consistent quality, and automated cleaning features, the Hardtank All-in-one is a must-have for any establishment serious about offering top-tier cold brew experiences. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your offerings and captivate your customers - invest in the Hardtank All-in-one Cold Brew Maker today and taste the difference innovation makes.



    Introducing the Hardtank All-in-one Cold Brew Maker, a revolutionary system that streamlines the production of premium cold brew and nitro cold brew beverages for high-volume establishments. Developed by the innovative minds at Hard Beans in Poland, this professional-grade solution combines a fast cold brew maker and a nitro cold brew dispenser with a single tap, offering unparalleled efficiency and consistency.

    The Hardtank All-in-one utilizes patented fast cold brew technology to extract up to 22% of the coffee's essence within just 45 minutes. By combining maceration and percolation processes, this state-of-the-art machine can produce an impressive 250 liters (66 gallons) of cold brew per day, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality beverages for even the busiest establishments.

    Designed with durability and hygiene in mind, the Hardtank All-in-one features a modular design and the highest quality food-grade materials, guaranteeing flawless operation for years to come. The automatic cleaning program and dedicated cleaning products ensure stability and safety throughout the production process while significantly reducing labor costs and water consumption.

    Elevate your cold brew offerings and impress your customers with the unrivaled speed, quality, and efficiency of the Hardtank All-in-one Cold Brew Maker. This comprehensive solution empowers you to meet the growing demand for cold brew and nitro cold brew beverages while maximizing profitability and minimizing waste.

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    Tech specs and other details

    Daily output
    250 liters (66 gallons)
    Extraction time
    45 minutes
    Extraction yield
    Up to 22%
    Automatic cleaning program

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