Flair 58 Plus Manual Espresso Maker

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Flair 58 Plus Manual Espresso Maker

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    Elevate your espresso experience with the Flair 58 Plus, Flair Espresso's new flagship model.
    Adorned with walnut accents and exclusive custom branding, this espresso maker is a masterpiece of aesthetics and functionality.
    With a three-level preheat system tailored for different roasts and a detachable controller for off-grid brewing, the Flair 58 Plus redefines home espresso.
    Indulge in the art of coffee with unmatched ease and elegance.



    The Flair 58 Plus is a barista-level home espresso machine that combines the best of the Flair 58 family with enhanced features. Its walnut accents on the portafilter, t-grip, and palm tamper add a touch of sophistication, while the articulating shot mirror and dark motif screws contribute to its unique appearance.

    The preheat system on the Flair 58 Plus offers three different levels: low, medium, and high, corresponding to the brewing temperatures needed for dark, medium, and light roasts, respectively. The easily detachable preheat controller allows you to brew espresso anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

    Included are both of Flair's portafilter baskets, high and low-flow, giving home baristas complete control over their brewing. The featured valve plunger ensures a smooth workflow, whether you're brewing for yourself or entertaining guests. Experience the delight of creating delicious espresso with the Flair 58 Plus, and lower the lever to raise your expectations for home espresso.


    Product feature

    Walnut Accents: The portafilter, t-grip, and palm tamper are adorned with walnut accents, adding a touch of sophistication

    Product feature

    Three-Level Preheat System: Tailor your brewing with low, medium, and high preheat settings, perfect for different roasts.

    Product feature

    Detachable Preheat Controller: Go off-grid and brew espresso anywhere with the easily detachable controller.

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Flair 58+ base
    • Flair 58+ lever assembly with brew head
    • Detachable preheat controller
    • Walnut portafilter with low-flow basket
    • High-flow basket
    • Walnut palm tamper
    • Articulating shot mirror
    • Power Box & plug
    • Drip tray
    • Puck screen
    • Manual
    • Post screws and allen key

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      challenging but rewarding

      This lever machine is hard to master but rewarding and satisfying. Espressos are smoother and sweeter. You need a good grinder. I am getting faster wi...
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 10/22/2023 by Guillaume P.

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