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La Marzocco Linea Mini Connected - Blue

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Owning a La Marzocco machine is akin to owning a piece of espresso history. Founded in 1927 by brothers Piero and Giuseppe Bambi in their home city of Florence, La Marzocco has been manufacturing some of the highest quality commercial machines available since that time.

La Marzocco primarily builds commercial machines, but in the spring of 2015 introduced what has since become one of the most sought-after home machines available: the La Marzocco Linea Mini.


The La Marzocco Linea Mini is one of the most capable and prestigious home machines available on the market today.

Based on the full-sized, commercially available Linea Classic, this compact version of a cafe machine sets a new standard for the home barista.

Commercial power meets Florentine beauty in this incredible piece of espresso history.

La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi in Florence, Italy. Innovation and originality set La Marzocco apart from the competition, and their past contributions to the manufacturing of espresso machines have helped to shape today’s industry standards. Set up your favourite cafe in your own kitchen with the Linea Mini, one of the most powerful home espresso machines on the market.

Combining a saturated brew group with a powerful 3.5L steam boiler, saturated coffee boiler, PID for temperature control, and smartphone compatibility, this fully equipped commercial quality machine provides the best experience in terms of quality and convenience.

A programmable start time, remote on and off, temperature control, and pre-infusion setting are just a few of the many features available through the Linea’s smartphone app, making it one of the more advanced machines we carry while still preserving the analog beauty of a traditional commercial espresso machine.

An extremely large 3.5L service boiler means cafe quality steam power every time, providing you with the best possible tool to make lattes, cappuccinos, and more. A small, saturated coffee boiler means there is no travel time between the boiler and the group, preserving perfect temperature consistency throughout the entire extraction process.

Key Features

The Linea Mini combines the features below in order to provide you with cafe-quality milk drinks and espresso shots and even plumb your machine directly into a water line for more convenient use.

  • 3.5L steam boiler
  • Saturated grouphead
  • Commercial grade rotary pump.
  • PID (or digital thermostat) controls for temperature
  • La Marzocco’s ‘connected machine’ smartphone connectivity


Customization Option:
Make your Linea Mini look even more stunning with wooden and chrome accents - Walnut, Maple, Oak, Black + Chrome and White + Chrome options are available.
Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for customization.

Please note that we cannot ship La Marzocco products into the United States.

Our Assessment

Ease of use - moderate.
Size - extra large.
Best used for - espresso shots, americanos, and milk-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, hot chocolate, etc.
Serviceability - excellent


A large, 3.5L steam boiler combined with a small but extremely efficient 0.17L integrated coffee boiler provides you with an almost limitless amount of steam power and perfectly temperature-controlled espresso shots. These revolutionary features give you the tools to craft perfect espresso shots.dual boiler
groupA combined grouphead and coffee boiler creates superior temperature stability. This style of the group is one of the most advanced available and is just another way the Linea Mini separates itself from the competition.
The Linea Mini uses a commercial-grade rotary pump. With a plumb-in kit (note: this is a separate purchase) you can avoid the inconvenience of having to refill a water reservoir daily. Without one, the reservoir is accessible from the front of the machine so you can refill the Linea without having to move it out from under your cupboards. rotary pump
PIDThe machine’s PID (or digital thermostat) control monitors boiler temperature, holding it within a couple of degrees all day long so the machine is always ready to brew the perfect shot.
The Linea Mini now comes standard with La Marzocco’s ‘connected machine’ feature. Using their smartphone app, you can program the machine to automatically turn on or off, adjust brewing temperature, adjust the pre-brewing feature, and more. cpnnected


Is the Linea Mini Plumbable?

Yes, because it has a rotary pump the Linea Mini can be hooked up to a water line. However, this requires the purchase of the optional plumb-in kit, not included with the machine.

Are La Marzocco machines worth it?

The Linea Mini represents the pinnacle of home espresso brewing. Its robust design means it will last years to come, and few home machines offer the same kind of power and deliver the same kind of quality. The Linea Mini is a game changer for the home barista.

How long does it take the Linea Mini to warm up?

The Linea is ready to brew espresso in about 10 minutes, and has full steam power ready in about 15.

What's Inside The Box

  • Breakaway double spouted portafilter with standard rubber handle
  • 7 gram, 14 gram, 17 gram, and 21-gram portafilter baskets
  • 58mm convex La Marzocco tamper
  • 12oz frothing pitcher
  • Purocaf backflushing powder
  • Blind basket for backflushing
  • Installation guide/user manual

    Warranty & Returns

    Warranty: 1 year of parts and labour.

    Who provides the warranty for this product?: is an authorized service centre for La Marzocco