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Kruve Brewler

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    Designed specifically for coffee lovers, the Brewler is a handy stainless steel measuring tool that lets you quickly reference the size of green beans and coffee grind. The Brewler finally puts a measurable number next to Fine, Medium, and Coarse. No more guessing or references to sea salt. The Brewler also includes a metric ruler up to 16cm and a quick conversion table for common brewing related conversions.

    Features and Benefits

    • Measure your grind - Grind size measurements from 200-1600um
    • Grade your green beans - Bean size measurements from 11-20/64"
    • Convenient coffee conversions
    • 15cm ruler - great for measuring portafilter basket size.
    • Calibrate your grinder - Use it for grinder calibration
    • Grade your green coffee beans


    Take a small amount of grind and place it on a flat surface. Use the Brewler to line up the size of the particles with the size of the holes on the Brewler. Since your grind most likely has various sized particles, you should line up both the smallest and largest particles and make note of their sizes. These two numbers will give you the grind range you are using in microns.

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    user submitted

    An imprecise tool for a precise job

    I wanted this to be better than it is but quite honestly even with a Kafatek grinder and very even particle distribution I couldn't have any confidenc...
    user submitted

    Reviewed on 8/12/2022 by Chris S.

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