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Tanzanian Peaberry - 1lb

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Tanzanian Peaberry - 1lb
Tanzanian Peaberry is revered by coffee connoisseurs for its distinct taste and rare availability. Harvested on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro near the Kenyan border, the peaberry is a natural deviation wherein the coffee cherry develops a single oval bean rather than the normal two flat-sided beans. It happens in only 2% of coffee cherries. The peaberry grade is a premium coffee bean that is in high demand worldwide for offering enhanced tastes and aromas. These difficult-to-acquire coffee beans carry an intense flavor punctuated by winy and fruity top notes. The coffee exhibits well balanced body, distinguished aroma along with light acidity.

Rich flavor, winy and fruity top notes
Well balanced body, wonderful aroma with light acidity
Roast Height: Our roastmaster has selected a Medium roast for this coffee to bring out its full potential
Capacity: 1lb pack

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