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Saeco Dezcal Descaler

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Saeco Dezcal Descaler
Your espresso machine is a real gratifier as it makes delicious coffee beverages for you. As part of standard precautionary maintenance, coffee makers should be descaled approximately every 2-3 months, depending upon the degree of use and hardness of your local water supply. The harder the water is the more often you will need to descale your machine. Even if you use filtered water you will need to descale your machine occasionally to remove traces of limescale from pipes, valves, and the boiler. Some machines actually cease operating if parts require descaling. Saeco Dezcal Descaler eliminates mineral build-up in your espresso machine. It ensures the machine's longevity and helps in preserving the true flavor of your espresso.

Saeco Dezcal Descaler

* Cleaner for all Espresso Makers
* 3 Packs per box
* Each pack effectively cleans espresso-machine for up to 3 months

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