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Rancilio Classe 11 USB Xcelsius4

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    Rancilio has been catering to coffee lovers since 1927. Their persistent dedication to the performance and quality has earned them a status for producing some of the worlds best home and commercial espresso machines and coffee grinders.

    The interface of Classe 11, fitted out with a completely touchscreen command panel in tempered glass, allows the user a rapid and immediate navigation. Its iconic language, inspired by the latest generation of smartphones, gives the consumer great operative simplicity and familiarity.

    The telemetry software CONNECT and the patented app Snap&Share permit to establish a direct dialogue with Classe 11, as well as a precise monitoring of the machine fleet in operation. In addition, the control panel guarantees the fruition of any kind of audio and video file for promotional, educational and technical activities.

    Classe 11 is equipped with a unique command console that confers a total control and an intuitive management of the technology signed Rancilio LAB. Moreover, Xcelsius system offers the barista the opportunity to explore new sensorial possibilities thanks to the temperature profiling during the coffee extraction. The peculiarities of each single blend or single-origin and the most excellent results in the cup can be obtained by changing the temperature of the espresso brewing phase.

    Materials of the highest quality and design of automotive derivation make Classe 11 a product with a strong personality. The stylistic solutions have been projected to intensify its external and internal ergonomics. A real technological jewel for an always more performing user experience.

    Dimensions (WxDxH)-----------------
    50.4 x 23.6 x 21.2 in
    1280 x 600 x 540 mm
    Weight --------------------------------------------
    257.9 lb
    117 kg

    22 l (4.8 gal-UK)
    Boiler Power ----------------------------
    6,000 W
    Voltage -------------------------------------------
    220-240 V / 380-415 V (3N)
    Micro-boiler power
    250 W for each group

    C Lever
    (Rancilio Patent) The new steam valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is complete with open-stay and open-close functions. The valve is operated by rotating the knob just 25. Turning it upwards, it opens and remains in this position. By turning downwards, the user can regulate steam intensity. When released, the valve closes automatically.

    ... Cool Touch
    The new steam wand is heat insulated to eliminate the risk of scalding and has a robust modern design that is adaptable to the style of any of the products in the range. Additionally, maximum hygiene and the greatest ease of handling are the other main characteristics of the Cool Touch milk wand.
    (Rancilio Patent) The hot-water temperature control system for tea and infusions has 3 different temperatures and programmable dosages. Hot and cold water are mixed electronically to obtain the desired temperature. It stops automatically when the programmed dosage has been reached. Both the temperature and the quantity of water can be programmed for each setting mode using the software, without needing to open the machine.

    ABM.07 (Advanced Boiler Management) is a specifically designed software developed to improve performance of the machine in conditions of intense use. When simultaneously brewing espresso, dispensing water and steaming milk, ABM.07 switches on the heating element to pre-empt any drops in temperature and ensure constant heating levels. The new sensors installed in Rancilio machines have made heat control even more precise and immediate. ABM.07 also allows control of the machine's power absorption, reducing it to 2/3 of the normal value for locations with low power availability.
    V-flex is a self-adapting system that harmonises the operating voltage of the machine with voltage variations in the main power supply. This function ensures error-free installation and prevents problems caused by fluctuations in the supply voltage.

    Easy Fix
    Thanks to the Easy Fix advanced diagnostics system, technical intervention times are reduced to a minimum.
    (Rancilio Patent) The installation of a Rancilio machine is now even easier and faster. Thanks to Plug&Brew, dosages and the main functions of the machine can be programmed immediately.

    Easy Clean
    Intelligent management of the brewing button provides fully automatic group cleaning. This function ensures an extraordinary brew quality and reduces daily cleaning times.
    Smart Interface
    The interface of Classe 11, fitted out with a completely touchscreen command panel in tempered glass, allows the user a rapid and immediate navigation. Its iconic language, inspired by the latest generation of smartphones, gives the consumer great operative simplicity and familiarity.

    SNAP&SHARE is a tool for communicating in an innovative way with the machine. It is a mobile application, the first created and patented in the sector of professional coffee machines, that allows to smartphone and tablet to interact in a new attractive and engaging modality with C11.
    Hydro Hub
    The Rancilio LAB research and development laboratory has designed HYDRO HUB, an innovative ergonomic system for the comprehensive and integrated management of the hydraulic circuit for coffee machines. It is an innovative solution in the field of professional products for espresso, created with the aim of simplifying the performance of technical assistance operations while ensuring maximum ease and safety during maintenance.
    Led Lights
    The entire work area is lit by a series of energy-efficient white-light LEDs.
    Ergo-Filter Holder
    The filter holder is fitted with a new ergonomic handle, designed to ensure the smooth movement of the barista's wrist for maximum user comfort
    Grid System
    To make cleaning and maintenance easier, Rancilio has equipped all its products with a revolutionary work surface: the support grids come in a scratchproof polymer and can be removed to allow ease of washing in a dishwasher. Thanks to its efficient liquid collection system, Grid System keeps the work surface clean and protects cups against unsightly marks left by drops of coffee.
    Cup Warmer
    Thanks to the electric cup warmer, the cups can be kept at an optimum temperature, which is crucial for a quality espresso.

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