Profitec Pro 600 Espresso Machine w/ Quick Steam |K16| - Open Box

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Profitec Pro 600 Espresso Machine w/ Quick Steam - Open Box

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    The Profitec Pro 600 encourages you to discover what kind of barista you would like to be. Are you going to be the one about precision and seeking out the perfect drink? The one about hosting, sharing your creations with loved ones? Maybe a mix of both. We all have one hidden within our hearts.

    Make your mornings, afternoons and evening exciting again with the Profitec Pro 600.


    This item is classified as an open box which means it is in like new condition. It may have been tested by our service department but it has not been used. It is clean and comes with a full warranty


    The Pro 600 takes classic espresso design and mixes it with German engineering to create a machine that is going to craft drinks as you would find in an Italian cafe at home. By allowing you to steam milk and extract espresso at the same time, you can seamlessly put out multiple drinks for your friends and family.

    Profitec has been hand-crafting German-designed and engineered machines since 1985 with clear Italian inspiration. For over 35 years they have continued to create incredible machines that are designed to last a lifetime. The Profitec Pro 600 continues to build upon this reputation with reliable machines that are going to last years to come.

    The conservative footprint due to the vibratory pump and smaller boilers while providing a powerful machine really makes the Profitec Pro 600 stand out in the double boiler category. Uniting these key features with the genius of German engineering makes this a serious machine to consider.

    The Profitec’s two boilers will allow you to steam milk and extract espresso at the same time, so when you’re making drinks it takes less of your valuable time. The inclusion of the second boiler with its own PID means you will have precise control over all of your variables.

    This variant of the Pro 600 swaps out the rotary-style dials of the original one with joystick-style ones for steam and hot water.

    Key Features

    • 0.75L Coffee boiler, 1.0L Steam boiler
    • Joystick-style steam and hot water actuators
    • Commercial E61 Grouphead
    • Vibratory Pump
    • PID temperature control
    • Shot timer
    • Exceptional German Engineering

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    Quick Steam

    This quick steam version of the Profitec Pro 600 comes with joystick-style steam and hot water actuators


    The E61 Grouphead is a commercial standard that provides perfect temperature stability paired with an almost indefinite service life


    The Pro 600 uses a vibratory pump, which allows for a smaller internal footprint and easier replacement


    The Pro 600 uses a PID (or digital thermostat) to monitor boiler temperature, holding it within a couple of degrees all day long so the machine is always ready to brew the perfect shot. Doubling as a shot timer, this allows you to be very precise with your shots

    Side Panels

    Its aesthetics are enhanced by side details that break up its all-stainless appearance

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Single and double spouted portafilter
    • Blind basket
    • Metal tamper
    • Cleaning brush
    • Detailed manual


      Tech specs and other details

      24 kg
      39.5 cm
      30.5 cm
      45 cm

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      Customer Reviews (64)

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      Profitec Heaven!

      I am loving this gorgeous machine. Quite an upgrade from my entry level Breville!! Can’t wait to get up in the morning and make my coffee 😆
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 12/17/2023 by Lorna P.

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      Profitec pro 600

      Profitec Pro 600 is a great solid machine. It should last me a long time to come.
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 12/16/2023 by Steven Y.

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      Great support and prompt shipment.

      Great support and prompt shipment. Thanks very much!
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 12/14/2023 by Chip B.

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      A very big upgrade from

      A very big upgrade from a single boiler,, the E61 grouphead is fantastic,, many upgrades is possible with this machine, also I have to mention that th...
      user submitteduser submitteduser submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 12/8/2023 by Yousef A.

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      Perfect kit

      Bought the bundle with the Profitec Pro 600 + the Profitec Pro T64 Grinder during the Thanksgiving sale and that easily the best upgrade I could have ...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 10/24/2023 by Anthonie T.

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      Excellent machine and customer service

      We couldn’t be happier with our espresso machine! The machine is very well made and delivers excellent shots, and froths milk deliciously! Excellent c...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 9/25/2023 by Heather M.

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      wife love it

      good espresso machine, looks very robust
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 9/12/2023 by Xin S.

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      Checks All The Boxes

      This machine checks all the boxes for me. I had two great espresso machines at home, a Rancilio commercial HX machine and a Quick Mill Silvano (quasi-...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 8/17/2023 by Kelly B.

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      Great double boiler espresso

      Great machine Replaced my breville double boiler. This extraction of espresso is superior.
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 4/2/2023 by Paul A.

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      Been 15 days, and I am absolutely loving using my 600. Espresso quality is Amazing.
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 11/1/2022 by Gaurav C.

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