Mazzer ZM Burr Grinder - White

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Mazzer ZM Burr Grinder - White

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    With the future of coffee ever evolving, the idea of what the grinder needs to achieve is always changing. Specialty coffee deserves to be paired with a truly exceptional grinder to bring out the best in every drink.

    Introducing the Mazzer ZM. The perfect grinder for easily repeatable recipes. Engineered to perfection, this grinder is both a wonderful shop grinder as well as a single dose grinder for those special, beautiful beans. Single origin, blends, your favourite cup at the tip of your fingertips, however you want.



    Built for the coffee enthusiast, the Mazzer ZM is the love letter to specialty coffee. Designed for espresso and filter coffee, large commercial grade flat burrs evenly and efficiently grind the beans with minimal retention. Wire dampeners aid in fluffy grinds for the most even extraction possible.

    Mazzer started off as a precision machine company under a different name, until 1948 when there was the shift over to espresso grinders. Fronted by Luigi Mazzer, he would come to innovate espresso grinders for years to come. Heading the company until 1988, Giovanni Mazzer, his son, would take the reins and make Mazzer a commercial name.

    With a radically different exterior body, the ZM has a lot of exciting features contained within. Massive 83mm flat burrs lead to a consistent grind size for perfect and tasty coffee. Between minimized retention for the freshest shot possible, and cooling fans aids in preventing the grinder from overheating, consistency between each back to back shot is easily achieved. Easy to change brew methods, 4 programmable times, and 20 digitally calibrated grind sizes are easily saved for consistency between coffees or brew methods. With true zero calibration, recipes are repeatable between each and every grinder.

    Mazzer is constantly striving to innovate and improve upon their grinders. With their hands on every step of the construction and parts, perfection is the only thing they strive for. The ZM truly displays this feat with no small details being unaddressed, and ultimately being a wonderful upgrade to any coffee setup. With multipurpose burrs already installed Perfect for a medium commercial use environment or home use.

    Key Features :

    • Espresso                                       
    • Digital grind adjustment             
    • 83mm Flat burrs


    Less wasteful grind adjusting

    Low retention (0.45g) for less wasteful grind adjusting.

    Digital grind adjusting with true zero calibration

    Digital grind adjusting with true zero calibration or precise and consistent grind setting between each grinder

    Sleek digital interface

    Sleek digital interface with 4 preset times and 20 programmable grind settings.

    Dual fan cooling system

    Dual fan cooling system to help keep the internals cool for back to back shots

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    What's Inside The Box

    • User Manual
    • 320 gram hopper
    • Grinds catching tray


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