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Grosche Heisenberg Coffee Siphon - 700 ml


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Grosche Heisenberg Coffee Siphon - 700 ml

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Grosche Heisenberg Coffee Siphon - 700 ml

The best looking vacuum siphon coffee maker out there

The HEISENBERG from GROSCHE is a beautiful vacuum siphon coffee maker (also called syphon coffee brewer) with elements of glass, real wood and polished chrome that will definitely strike up a conversation in your kitchen. Ideal for those looking to get away from boring and tasteless instant coffees and plastic cup instant coffee makers, the HEISENBERG vacuum coffee maker uses a two-chamber borosilicate glass vessel, vapor pressure and vacuum to produce a clean, crisp and smooth coffee.


Highest-quality borosilicate glass

The HEISENBERG is a premium siphon coffee maker with two heatproof, borosilicate glass chambers. Your freshly-brewed vacuum coffee can easily be served from carafe to cup using the wooden handle of the stand. The glass chambers are dishwasher-proof but hand-washing is recommended. This guarantees a more accurate cleaning and avoids other items knocking into the glass chambers maker while they 're in the dishwasher and accidental breakage.


How to use the Heisenberg vacuum coffee maker

  1. Drop the cloth covered filter into the top chamber with the chain hanging down into the tube.
  2. Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube
  3. Place 5 spoons (40 grams if you 're being exact) of medium ground coffee in the top chamber and fill the bottom chamber with 400 ml (or grams, it 's the same) of hot water
  4. Fill the burner with soot free denatured alcohol or fondue fuel and light up the flame. After about 3-5 minutes, the natural pressure created in the bottom chamber will siphon the water to the top chamber. Stir the coffee in the brew chamber with the included spoon.
  5. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes to allow the coffee to brew in the top chamber
  6. Remove the heat source to now create a vacuum and pull the brewed coffee back down to the bottom chamber
  7. Remove the top, placing it in its convertible lid/stand and serve the coffee from the bottom chamber of the siphon

Siphon coffee brewer advantages:

A siphon brewer (also called a vacuum coffee brewer) is the ideal brewing method for those that want complete control of brewing process. The water temperature is constant due to the pressurizing heat source. The coffee is fully and evenly saturated as well. The user can easily control brew time and mixing. All of these factors are why many say the vacuum siphon is the best manual coffee brewing method available. The siphon uses a cloth filter, which creates an exceptionally clean cup. Besides, it looks awesome and is easier to use than people may think. It 's the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

What does Siphon Coffee taste like?

This siphon coffee maker makes pretty much any coffee taste great. Highly floral coffees as well as those that are dry-processed work best with it. Always a smooth flavor without any burnt coffee notes.


Warranty Information

Warranty: 1 Year of parts and Labour

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VIM Eligible: No.

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