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Espro Handheld Dynamometric Tamper - 58.35mm Flat

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Espro Handheld Dynamometric Tamper - 58.35mm Flat
Great espressos are created by baristas who make use of right kind of tools and Espro manufactures the tools that help you achieve better espresso in your own kitchen.

Tamping pressure is a crucial variable in brewing espresso. If the ground coffee is tamped too lightly, water flows quickly through the ground coffee resulting in a weak brew with little or no crema and if tamped too hard the espresso can be bitter and over-extracted. Espro Handheld Dynamometric Tamper is crafted to keep the guesswork out of achieving a perfect tamp pressure for consistent brewing results. Made and designed in Canada, this revolutionary Espro Automatic Tamper features a patent pending mechanism built into the handle that indicates when you exert the exact 30 lbs. of pressure. The handle depresses a bit and makes a subtle clicking sound when 30 lbs. of pressure is applied. Coffee experts consider thirty pounds of downward pressure as optimum pressure applied to espresso grounds to yield a consistent espresso time after time. The tamper has a convex bottom made of heavy weight polished stainless steel and anodized aluminum handle.

Built-in mechanism clicks when 30-lbs. tamp pressure achieved
Solid 1 lb tamper weight, perfectly balanced
Super-hard anodized aluminum handle
Polished stainless steel base
Size: 58.35mm base with flat bottom; Color: Red

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