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Espresso Gear Attento Click Mat

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Espresso Gear Attento Click Mat
Espresso Gear began its journey in 2000 with founder Lars Wallin. Espresso Gear is a Swedish invention, design & production company, focusing on the contemporary specialty espresso market. Whether youre a seasoned barista, home brewer or an espresso enthusiast, products at Espresso Gear have been specifically designed to make the entire espresso making process pure fun. Espresso Gears incredibly crafted barista tools including tampers, knock boxes and frothing thermometers help you create consistent shots time and again.

Tamping pressure is a crucial variable in creating espresso. If you tamp the ground coffee too lightly, water will flow quickly through the coffee resulting in a weak brew with no crema and if you tamp too hard, the espresso will be bitter and over-extracted. Espresso Gear Attento Click Mat is the perfect barista tool in the quest of tamping with the exact pressure every time. It is designed to give you an auditory indicator (i.e. a click sound), when you've tamped your coffee with what you consider your ideal tamping pressure. You can vary pressure between 22 lbs to 55 lbs by simply rotating a screw (clockwise to reduce pressure and counter-clockwise to increase pressure) to have the ultimate control over your extraction.

Makes a click sound when ideal tamping pressure is achieved
Adjustable maximum pressure from 22 lbs to 55 lbs
Material: Stainless steel, nylon and food safe silicone

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