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ECM Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine

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Indulge and let the ECM Mechanika show you its simplicity without needing to trade off power or quality. With the detailing that ECM is known for, a stunning statement piece makes its home in your kitchen without taking up an exorbitant amount of space.


The Mechanika unites eye-catching designs with the engineering skills that the Germans are known for. It lets you extract espresso and steam your milk at the same time for perfect drinks to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

Wolfgang Hauck starts the story of ECM 25 years ago with designing the ECM Mechanika, which to this day is still one of their most loved machines. Now for over 10 years it’s into the family’s second generation of beautifully designed machines with German engineering backing them up. The Mechanika is no exception to this fine craftsmanship with every detail being taken into account. Truly these machines are crafted for the espresso enthusiast with the utmost care and quality.

Every feature selected to be used with this machine has been well thought out such as a vibratory pump that allows the machine to have its smaller footprint and rotary dials for easing users on its steam power. It’s without question that no details have been ignored.

The Mechanika’s heat exchange boiler will allow you to extract your espresso and steam your milk at the same time without any complications. This is going to allow you to enjoy your professional quality coffee with your friends and family instead of spending hours behind your machine. This is also going to make it so that you can extract amazing professional quality espresso without sacrificing milk steaming capabilities.

Our Assessment

Ease of use - moderate.
Size - medium.
Best used for - milk based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, hot chocolate, etc.
Also used for - espresso shots, americanos
Serviceability - excellent


E61 Group
The ECM Mechanika V Slim features the extremely well known and widely used E61 group head. Noble design and outstanding technology. Due to its unique construction, water spillings are avoided.
Professional Gauges
The Mechanika features two professional gauges. First indicates pump pressure, whereas second displays boiler pressure. Both are a great feedback tool which let you better understand your machine and improve your final results.
Large Drip
Tray Drip tray with even more capacity and more space - even for big cups. Creates more convenience for coffee preparation avoiding annoying spillings on the countertop.
No Burn Steam And Hot Water Wands
The machine is equipped with no burn steam and hot water wands that can be manipulated without worry about scalding your hands.


Can I program my machine to use an Eco mode?

Since the Mechanika lacks a PID, it doesn’t have a way to program Eco Mode.

Can I leave my Mechanika on?

Due to the fact that you do not need to worry about burning out a heating element and refilling the boiler, you can leave the machine on. You may end up wearing out some other parts a little sooner if you do.

What is the difference between the ECM Mechanika and the ECM Technika?

While both machines are heat exchange machines, they have 3 notable differences. The first is the Mechanika having a vibratory pump whereas the Technika has a rotary pump. Next is theMechanika using a pressure stat for its steam boiler compared to the PID of the Technika (that also doubles as a shot timer.) Lastly the Mechanika uses rotary dials for its steam and hot water use and the Technika uses joystick controls.

What's Inside The Box

  • Single and Double spout portafilter
  • Single, double and blind basket
  • Metal tamper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Silicone tube for water filter
  • Detailed manual

    Warranty & Returns

    Warranty: 2 years of parts and labour.

    Who provides the warranty for this product?: is an authorized service centre for ECM

    VIM Eligible: This product includes our amazing Very Important Machine Service. Should your product require service during the warranty period we will pay for the shipping charges to ship the product to us. We will issue you a prepaid label and arrange for a courier to collect the package. Your machine will then be repaired by our skilled technicians and returned to you at our cost. With our VIM program your machine also gets priority service for the repair. All we ask is that you keep the original packaging material for safe transport.

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