Ascaso Steel Duo Professional Espresso Machine w/ PID - White

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Ascaso Steel Duo Professional Espresso Machine w/ PID - White

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    Why feel the need to wait for those first sips of coffee? Time is valuable, and with a sense of impatience before caffeine has entered your system, anticipation is not always a wonderful feeling. Only once have the first tastes been processed by the palate, can the rest be slowly savoured. Patience finally being achieved.

    Begin your day on the right (or left we won’t judge here) foot with the Ascaso Steel Duo. With minimal need to wait for your desired espressos or luscious lattes, the Duo is sure to please the eager caffeine dependent brain in the most delightful and delicious way.

    Allow the Ascaso Steel Duo to bring form and function into your morning.



    The Steel Duo is full of convenient modern features contained in a sleek and refined body. It allows for the creation of “impulsive espresso” and is able to steam milk at the same time, making this the ideal machine for early mornings.

    With an entrepreneurial dream, Jesus Ascaso entered the coffee world in 1952, working with parts. 1962 is when he started his own coffee parts company. It’s not until 1997 that discussions of Ascaso creating their own espresso machine came from Jose Luis Ascaso. In 2000, the Ascaso dream was born, and since has only seen improvements and innovations such as the Steel Uno.

    Convenient features can be seen throughout the entire machine. From the conservatively sized machine being achieved with carefully chosen parts, to the PID and volumetric controls for easily replicated shots, the Ascaso Duo sets itself apart from other similar machines in the dual boiler category. Combining these advantageous features with contemporary aesthetics absolutely lets the Steel Duo stand out of the competition.

    Ascaso’s thermoblock boiler allows for a quick heat up time, and having two allows for simultaneous espresso extraction and milk steaming. This boiler ideally is for someone who desires coffee on the fly or someone with little time to wait for coffee.

    Key Features:

    • Two Thermoblock boilers
    • 58mm Saturated Grouphead
    • Vibratory pump
    • PID temperature control
    • Volumetric Controls
    • Compact design


    High tech espresso machine

    Built with two thermoblock boilers, this allows for near instantaneous heat up time with no wait time between espresso and steaming.

    Compact espresso machine

    An elegant modern design that is also compact to fit in any space.

    Aesthetically pleasing espresso machine

    Wooden accents bring the entire aesthetics of the machine together in an elegant manner.

    a 58mm commercial sized portafilter

    A 58mm commercial sized portafilter with the same tastefully chosen wooden handle.

    20 amps

    20 Amps - The Ascaso Duo is a 20 amp machine and comes with a NEMA 5-20P Plug and requires a 20amp receptacle


    A PID that controls the temperature in 1°C increments as well as allows for the customization of shots with preinfusion and volume of water used for the shot.

    Traditional steam wand

    A professional steam wand dedicated to steaming milk to the desired texture.

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    What's Inside The Box

    • Double spouted portafilter designed for level tamping
    • Single and double shot pressurized baskets
    • Single and double shot unpressurized baskets
    • ESE Pod basket
    • Blind Basket
    • Metal Tamper
    • Coffee scoop


      Warranty: 2 years of parts and labour

      Who provides the warranty for this product?: is an authorized service centre for Ascaso

      Premium Care Eligible: Yes! - This product includes our amazing Very Important Machine Service. Should your product require service during the warranty period we will pay for the shipping charges to ship the product to us. We will issue you a prepaid label and arrange for a courier to collect the package. Your machine will then be repaired by our skilled technicians and returned to you at our cost. With our Premium Care program your machine also gets priority service for the repair. All we ask is that you keep the original packaging material for safe transport.*

      * Click here to get full details of the Premium Care program


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      15 kg

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      Barista approved!!!

      At its price point, this is an amazing machine. I decided to splurge, as I knew I wanted a dual boiler espresso machine. I’m so happy with it. It doe...
      user submitteduser submitteduser submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 1/7/2024 by Shyla K.

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      After one month of use,

      After one month of use, very impressed with machine. Extremely fast heat up time. Looks great on counter.
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 12/17/2023 by KEVIN D.

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      Star feature of the brew bar

      I’ve had the Ascaso Steel Duo PID FOR approximately 6 months now. I’ve written and re-written this review a few times in here but haven’t posted as th...
      user submitteduser submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 11/24/2023 by Mike S.

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      Love this machine! Also some cons that I don't see listed anywhere

      I've had this machine for two weeks now and have pulled ~150 shots. My fiance and I each drink 4 double shot milk drinks daily. I love this machine. I...
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 11/10/2023 by David P.

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      Purchased this as an open

      Purchased this as an open box model and it was totally brand new. Very happy with the purchase. Heats up extremely quickly returns to temperature ve...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 7/30/2022 by Matthew L.

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      Shipping was incredibly quick! The

      Shipping was incredibly quick! The Ascaso Steel Duo arrived and was incredibly easy to set up. It took only a short while to dial it in. The build qua...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 6/23/2022 by Tyler M.

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      Thermoblock is the way to go

      The one unique feature that this machine has that puts it head and shoulders ahead of its class is the THERMOBLOCK. This means you can turn the machin...
      user submitteduser submitted

      Reviewed on 2/25/2022 by Ara H.

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      Better than Breville Dual Boiler

      Purchased this unit to replace a Breville Dual boiler. Very satisfied with the unit so far. Quieter than the Breville and faster to heat up. I love th...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 1/3/2022 by Eric G.

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      A dream come true

      Looks just like we dreamed of ! The coffee is creamy, all the filters are amazing and from very good manufacture. The whole machine is perfect for a s...
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 12/11/2021 by Laurent S.

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      I love this machine! Consistent

      I love this machine! Consistent and powerfull! Good looking also!
      user submitted

      Reviewed on 12/5/2021 by Olivier C.

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