About iDrinkCoffee

iDrinkCoffee.com was founded over a decade ago on one simple principle: to bring fresh high-quality coffee to the masses.

We take quality seriously and have curated an unparalleled selection of the finest coffee equipment, espresso machines, and accessories. Our beans are roasted locally at our Milton showroom and roastery. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer care, making sure each and every customer knows how to use and maintain their machine, while also offering educational resources for anyone interested in learning more about finely crafted, cafe-quality coffee.

We think that an excellent cup of coffee should be easy to come by. We share the best of what we find on our journeys with you. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, cafe owner, or simply looking to refine your morning brew, iDrinkCoffee delivers everything you need to brew superb coffee anywhere. 

No hassle, no hype. Just everything you need to enjoy premium coffee each and every day.
  • Anastasia Gorda

    The Milk Lady

    Anastasia Gorda

    The Milk Lady

    "A morning without coffee is called sleep".

    Anastasia is iDrinkCoffee.com's western connection. Hailing from Crossfield, Alberta, Anastasia joined IDC's customer service/sales team with experience working as a barista. Her day is spent answering phone calls and emails and pairing customers with the equipment suitable to their needs. Anatasia's favourite drink is a cafe latte so if we ever run out of milk she is the one who immediately replenishes our stock which has earned her the nick name "The Milk Lady".

  • Colm Whitford

    Savvy Sales Rep

    Colm Whitford

    Savvy Sales Rep

    Colm (pronounced Collum or phonetically /ˈkæləm/) joined iDrinkCoffee.com in 2019 with experience working as a barista. His superpower is his patience.  Colm is always willing to take the time to help our customers pick the right machine for their lifestyle and their situation. He enjoys lattes and pouring latte art.

  • Tammy Clarke

    Jill of All Trades

    Tammy Clarke

    Jill of All Trades

    Tammy joined iDrinkCoffee.com as an experienced technician. She is a Jill-of-All-Trades and is skilled at working on all kinds of equipment be it domestic, commercial, automatic or traditional. Tammy's enjoys a cup of drip coffee while working on machines or answering technical support emails and phone calls from our customers. Tammy can also be occasionally found working in our showroom and wowing customers with her broad knowledge of espresso machines.
  • Edward Lehardi

    Numbers Man

    Edward Lehardi

    Numbers Man

    Ed is our resident bookkeeper and accounting specialist.  Since joining IDC he has revolutionized the accounting department.  On account of his incredible hawk like attention Ed also acts as controller. Ed enjoys the gregarious environment at IDC and our regular team lunches. His favourite drinks are cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Pranav Chavda

    UX Guru

    Pranav Chavda

    UX Guru

    "If a friend tells you to cut down on your caffeine consumption, they are not your true friend."

    Pranav is our man in Mumbai.  He is responsible for marketing, website user experience and pretty much everything to do with the IDC website. Although working remotely he is a huge part of the iDrinkCoffee.com team and has been with the company for nearly 5 years.  Pranav is serious about numbers and he takes results personally.  

    Living in a warm climate it is only natural that Pranav enjoys cold brew made in a Hario Mizudashi.

  • Anna Janicki

    Latte Enthusiast

    Anna Janicki

    Latte Enthusiast

    “Coffee is the gasoline of life.”

    As manager, Anna is responsible for managing the idrinkcoffee team, ensuring everyone is properly trained, prepared and caffeinated. She also makes sure that everyone is on board with the latest promotions and newly stocked items. When she’s not raiding Pinterest for new showroom decor ideas, she loves trying out new products and tasting new coffee. She values the amazing idrinkcoffee team, including her dog Toby who gets to come into work with her every single day.

    Anna’s top idrinkcoffee picks are the Rocket r60 (with black panels) with Sweet Blue brew, Espresso yellow and Burundi beans.

  • Angel Pashov

    Doppio Drinking Mechanic

    Angel Pashov

    Doppio Drinking Mechanic

    Angel is an experienced technician having worked on both commercial and domestic machines prior to joining iDrinkCoffee.com.  He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and great music of the IDC service department.  His day is spent diagnosing and repairing espresso machines in house and also on the road. Angel enjoys the challenge of repairing espresso and coffee equipment and the satisfaction of extending the life of older machines.

    His go to drink is a double espresso, straight up, using Hawaiian Kona and his favourite machine is the Rocket Mozzafiato Evo

  • Luca K

    Management Dynamo

    Luca K

    Management Dynamo

     "I'll do anything for coffee, but I won't do that."

    Luca is our general manager. He is responsible for taking care of our customers and he spearheads many projects and changes at IDC. Luca lives our company values and especially constant and never ending improvement.

    His favourite part of working at iDrinkCoffee is his interactions with his colleagues and customers.  His favourite and most used product is the Breville Precision brewer with which he is known to brew Indian Monsooned Malabar.

  • Damian Hercules

    Operations Virtuoso

    Damian Hercules

    Operations Virtuoso

    Damian works in operations at iDrinkCoffee.com. He is responsible for making sure orders get shipped accurately and on time.

    Damian's mom found giving up coffee difficult during her pregnancy with him and he attributes his love of coffee to this prenatal exposure.

    One of Damian's favourite things at IDC is packaging tea because of all the varied and wonderful aromas of our full leaf teas.  He likes packaging coffee for the same reason.  Damian's go to drink is an americano to which he likes to add some milk and a little sugar.


  • David Littlejohn

    Master Pump Exchanger

    David Littlejohn

    Master Pump Exchanger

    Francis David Littlejohn IV is part of the technical support team at IDC.  He spends his day diagnosing and repairing machines and fancies himself a "Master Pump Exchanger".

    What Dave loves about working at iDrinkCoffee.com is the atmosphere, the attitudes and the aromas.  Dave is the resident DJ in the technical service department with a wide ranging and eclectic taste in music.  When not exchanging pumps Dave spends his free time attending concerts.

    David's favourite product is Green Dolphin Coffee and Espresso Machine Cleaner / Descaler because he knows how important it is to keep your espresso machine clean and free from scale.

  • Matthew Machado

    Cortado Critic

    Matthew Machado

    Cortado Critic

    Matthew comes to iDrinkCoffee.com with several years of experience as a barista and barista trainer and a lifelong interest in coffee.  Matthew reminisces about sitting around the table as a kid and watching his family drinking their moka pot coffee after dinner.  "They would tell me about the cafes in Italy and ever since I wanted to learn more about coffee."

    At iDrinkCoffee.com Matt takes care of our customers giving them information and providing tutorials and training and working in sales.  He enjoys working for IDC because it affords him an opportunity to work with the best equipment in the world and with a close knit team.

    Matthew's favourite coffee is Daterra Farms Espresso Yellow, his go to machine is the Rocket Appartamento.

    Outside from coffee Matt is also an accomplished home (beer) brewer.

  • Toby

    Head of Security


    Head of Security

    "I won’t drink black coffee."

    Toby graduated from Obedience School with Honours in 2012, and thus employed as Head of Security here at idrinkcoffee. He spends his days sleeping in his crate, barking at delivery drivers, begging co-workers for affection and coaxing customers to play with him. He loves the social aspect of the position as he has no formal training with coffee, or even much of a taste for it.

    Toby’s favorite idrinkcoffee pick is anything that is served with milk.

  • Slawek Janicki

    Chief Caffeine Director

    Slawek Janicki

    Chief Caffeine Director

    "Coffee is a ritual, a guilt free treat that you can enjoy everyday. It's also the sustenance to nearly 10% of the world's population.”

    Slawek is the founder and CEO of iDrinkCoffee. Although his educational background is in English literature, he has been working in sales for over ten years and in the coffee game since 2009. There is no choice for Slawek to be involved in all aspects of the business and be completely hands on- this is his dream job! But no matter how full his days are, he still finds time to spend with his wife and two adorable children.

    Slawek’s top picks are the Synesso Hydra and anything else that makes a perfect cortado.

    Disclaimer: When asked to divulge his coffee charisma and reveal his top picks, Slawek could not be held to just one or two. He went on to explain that he tends to like the lighter roasts and coffees that are bright and fruity. He admitted that it was too hard for him to nail down but recollected that the very first specialty coffee exposed to him was Ethiopian Harrar; “it was like nothing I had ever tasted before and opened my mind (and my palate) to what coffee can be.”

  • Preston Wyatt

    Espresso Aficionado

    Preston Wyatt

    Espresso Aficionado

    “My favourite part of my job is the people and the office dog, Toby.”

    Preston is our main Roaster at idrinkcoffee. He directs all of the hectic coffee traffic that comes in and out of our showroom. And when Preston is done making sure orders are seamlessly processed and complete, he gets to do what he loves- roast coffee! He experiments with the new machines and products that come into the idrinkcoffee warehouse.

    Preston’s top idrinkcoffee picks are the Rocket R58 with the Ethiopian Harrar roast and Daterra farms Espresso.